Thursday, January 26, 2012

Smith 3 Scribe 1/26

Being the day of presentations, everyone was clustered around in there groups discussing last minute details for their comparisons. As always, Mrs. Smith greeted us with the exuberant, “Hello class!” And always we responded with an equally enthusiastic, “Hello Smith”. Because we are Mrs. Smith’s experimental class, she ran the idea of a fun project discovered on Boing Boing (a site that Cory Doctorow is part of). It is call The Month of Letters Challenge created by Mary Kowal. Your object is to write a letter to anyone every postal day of February (24 days). It doesn’t even have to be a letter! It could be a newspaper clipping, a picture, or maybe a swatch of fabric. With a world centered around technology and texting relationships, this would be a great way to reconnect with people and experience a world outside of texting and emailing. We will discuss more about this proposal on Monday. After our “family” discussion, it was on to grammar. Today we worked on punctuation, capitalization, and diagramming. REMEMBER: TOMORROW IS OUR GRAMMAR TEST!!!!! Although Mrs. Smith boggled our mines with “The Rocket Ship”, it was time to move on to the presentations. There were 5 groups that presented; each one was unique except for the fact that they all involved the whole class and kept our attention. At the end of class, Mrs. Smith asked us to compare today presentations the ones from the very beginning of the school year about Macbeth. Obviously they were much better! Great job everyone!!! Also remember that we have a sub tomorrow.
Homework: read chapters 13-17 in Little Brother with 3 high level thinking questions, CSAP Packet
Have a great night!!!

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