Friday, January 27, 2012

Period 3 1/27/2012

As you know (or should know), Ms. Smith was not here today, so Mr. Rosenberg took her place directing us in our usual Friday routine. First, we passed in our CSAP packet and our grammar worksheet. Next, we took the grammar quiz. Finally, we had a fishbowl on chapters 13-17 of Little Brother. A few topics the inner circle covered were: Ange and Marcus' relationship, the goal of terrorists, saying the pledge every day in class, and religion. 

  • Read chapters 18-19 of Little Brother and have 1 question for Monday

  • Skyping with Cory Doctorow is set for January 31 (We will be missing 2nd period)
  • Our final Little Brother fishbowl, chapter 18-epilogue will be next Wednesday, February 1st


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