Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012 Period 5

"Hello class" "Hello Smith" The class period started out as usual with Mrs. Smith going over grammar with us. We learned when its necessary to use commas and when they aren't needed. We also looked how to correctly write."Bigger things" and "Smaller things" such as an album title is underlined and a song should be in quotes. After we had successfully corrected and diagrammed the two sentences of the week we whipped out our CSAP packets and got some useful tips from Mrs. Smith.

- Always read the questions first
- Underline key words such as feel or infer
- When writing a long response answer remember TARAW title, author, restate, why
- Always proofread
- At least use one example from the passage but keep the topic of the question as the main topic
- Use good description and choose your words carefully
Next we watched this video that displayed to us just how far we have let the government go to keep us "safe". The video was hard to understand but we got the jist of it. The video brought up the controversial question of whether we prefer security or freedom. We stayed on this topic for a majority of the class sharing our different point of views. Before class was about to end
Mrs. Smith brought up a reminder about the essay that were going to have to do this semester. Mrs. Smith had us think about what we have learned, what we haven't learned and what will the future be like.
Homework for tonight is to read through chapter 12 by Monday with 3 big thinking questions ( 8-10 tonight), CSAP packet, and grammar quiz tomorrow.
~ I hope you guys have a good night and see you tomorrow your classmate Marco Garcia!!!

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