Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5th period January 31,2012

Hey guys! so we all had an exciting day skyping with Cory right!

anyways.. during class we went over out tuesday's grammer notes.

carla looked at herself in the mirror and reflected the poem fire and ice
   S        V                                                      V               do

we saw a midsummer nights dream at the buell theater after we saw the play at ahs
  S    V                                                                                           V

after that we watched a fantastic presentation by Maddie, Brooke, Emily and Zoe

the duration of class consisted of a discussion about the skype with Cory.
  • Exposing teenagers to adult things at a young age.
  • Where should teens be exposed to this content?
  • How classics contain questionable content.
  • Cory's next book "Homeland"
Have a great day
<3 Emily

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