Tuesday, January 10, 2012

January 10, 2012 Period 3:-)


Homework: Little Brother copy. Start reading it and 1-5 are due by next tuesday!!! 

 my friend alex plays tennis
my -
friend – Subject (s)
alex- Appositive (app)
plays- Verb (v)
tennis- Direct Object Complement  (do)

our friend tom is the next president
friend- Subject (s)
tom- Appositive (app)
is- Verb (v)
president- Predicate Nominative Complement (pn)
(after obama)- Prepostional Phrase (prep phrase)

Cover it Live
Today's Cover it live was very successful, the questions everyone in the class has been coming up with truly get us thinking and wondering more about the true insight of our society. Great Job Everyone!! 

 How to find Little Brother on your Technology
Here is how to find the book Little Brother on your iphone, computer, or any other technological device you own: First go to Craphound.com………. go to novels………. then go to Little Brother book icon……..then go to download for free button up at the top……….You are set to go!!!!

Plus there are many apps that you can get on your iphone or itouch.

I hope you all have an amazing week!!

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