Tuesday, January 3, 2012

5th Hour, Tuesday January 3rd, 2012

Welcome back to Arapahoe everyone and I hope everyone had a great 2 week vacation to spend with their families for the holidays! Monday we didn't have school so this is the 1st blog post of the new year. To start the year off right, Mrs. Smith gave us the following for homework:

1.) CSAP Packet due Friday
2.)Read through page 224 by Friday Jan. 6th in 1984

Today, we began with a few answers to the question, "What were some highlights from your holiday break?" Some people adopted a cat, received a Nook, and one a new iPhone 4S. But the business of the day was the beginning of the grammar unit of the year. Mrs. Smith gave each one of us a purple packet just full of grammar definitions and usage of grammar in a paper. We then continued to prepare ourselves for the up-and-coming CSAP tests. She explained the importance of reading the questions carefully and pointing out the key reason behind each question. If you need to see them again, they are here on slide 4. Reminder: the CSAP packet is due on Friday and the purple packet can be used on EVERY test on the Fridays that we have them. She also stated that we expect to finish 1984 within the next week and begin Little Brother right after 1984. Have a great day everyone!

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