Thursday, January 12, 2012

January 12, 2012 3rd Hour

Today satrated off the with the announcements and the "Hello Class!" "Hello Smith!"

Mr. Escue came in to talk to us about government and how it affects life.
  • Not everyone is interested in the government but the government is interested in you
  • September 10th 2001- freedom not protection (9/11) September 12th 2001- protection not freedom
  • Life changing changed legislation of how we do with stuff-> 
Lead to the Patriot Act:
  • ·         Gives government more power to find terrorists
  • We went through pros and cons of the act:
  • Government knows where u are at all time. Government can see anything and everything at all times whenever needed
  • You are on camera everytime u is in public
“Where is technology going?”
  • Both parties agree and both parties disagree it depends on beliefs and purposes
We then went over our views on all of this/large discussion
  • To think about the roll and your rights and how you feel
We then proceeded to do our DOL of the day.

Mrs. Smith then talked to us about Mr. Escue’s speech.
  • It all relates to the books we have read
Are you okay with being watched all the time?
  • “Slippery Slope” what if I do have something to hide and its private and its mine not theirs what reason did they have to expect Marcus other than he was there
  • Very fine line between protection and overpowering
Life changes. 

Our Homework:
1. CSAP Packet
2. Read Little Brother chapters 1-3 with two higher level thinking questions

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