Thursday, January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012

"Hello Class!" 
"Hello Smith!"

1st: we diagrammed our sentences for the Thursday grammar session

Hunger CSAP: Read questions b4 reading passage.
Main idea-
  • Remember that main idea is what a selection is mostly about
  • To identify: Read questions and underline key words, cross off the choices that aren’t possible or just sound ridiculous :)

Writing Long Answers:
  • Two kinds:
    • A). It will ask you to put ideas together from one or two selections and use yuour own words to write about them. You’ll need to use your reasoning power to make decisions about what you have read.
    • B). You’ll be asked to use your reasoning powers

RQ1: Read questions first
TARAW: Title, Author, Restate, Answer, Why
Adress change, make conclusion
  • Use connecting words
  • Use descriptive language
  • Stick to the topic
  • Choose words carefully: write you thoughts and feelings clearly and make them interesting

After going over CSAP, we watch the Full Body Scan video (it’s in German):
Is technology controlling us?
Full Body Scan images on google: Those images are out there for anyone to see. What do they do with the pictures?
Will we pass the line of violation of privacy?

For our future research paper (1984 and Little Brother) think about: what we have learned, what we haven't learned, where are we going? ~how will the future result?

What's learned:
Control of technology
More technology capability
Dangers of technology
Balance of power in government
Watchful of government
Conformity- be individual and aware
Value of freedom

What's not learned:
Security vs. Privacy
Slippery slope of power
Technology uses
Challenge the gov.
Paranoia vs. effectiveness

Draw line
Limit gov. 
Ask questions
Technology advancements; better society
Be aware
Be educated, no naive
Intellectually curious  

Homework: Read Little Brother 8-10; CSAP Hunger; Grammar quiz tomorrow!

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