Monday, January 23, 2012

1/23/11-Smith 5

The day started with the usual, "Hello Everybody!" with the reply of, "Hello Smith!" Today in Mrs. Smith's action packed class we first got out everybody's favorite purple packet for grammar. We had two sentences up on the board~ (Since today was Monday we did the parts of speech section)
  hv  prn    av   adv.  cc     av    art.  n            N          prep.   n
can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school

And the other sentence was...
 art.     N        N            av        N           N           prep    art     n
the chemistry club visited boulder colorado    for     an experiment

After the awesome grammar was finished for today we got set up for fishbowl chapters 6 through 12 on Little Brother (the next fish bowl is on Friday so be ready!). We discussed many interesting topics about government controlling and how perspectives change over time along with the situation at hand. Sooner then we thought possible, the bell rang at 1:12pm and class was dismissed.
***Homework for tonight~
  • read Little Brother chapter 13 through 14. (Be done with chapters 13 throguh 17 by Friday for fishbowl as well as two higher level thinking questions!)
  • CSAP packet "Words to Live By" due Friday
Have an awesome night!!!!

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