Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Scribe January 24, 2012

Homework: Read 13-14, 1 higher level thinking question, CSAP, submit on the blog a question that you would like to ask Cory Doctrow.

Can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school
Can- Verb
You- Subject
Come- Verb
Watch- Verb
Movie- Direct Object
Casablanca- Appostitive
After School- Prep Phrase
School- Op

the chemistry club visited boulder colorado for an experiment
Chemistry Club-Proper Noun
Visited- Verb
Boulder Colorado- Direct object
For an Experiment- Prep Phrase
Experiment- Op

During Class: 
We got into groups of 4. Smith gave us a project due this Thursday. This project includes talking about: Ned Kelly, Chicago 7, and Marcus. Create an interesting and engaging presentation of what these three have in common. Award is a CAKE!!! (or any other treat from Smith’s List of Goodness, But I know from experience that the Cake is the best.) Make it reeeeaaaallllyyyyy interesting! You could make a movie, Audio, anything that will make Smith and the whole class cry with happiness, DUE THURSDAY!
Apparently Mywebsperation.com was suggested to check out in case you don’t have any ideas for your group.
*The picture to the right is Ned Kelly. Good looking man Huh?

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