Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Smith Period 5

We didn't even get to say 'Hello Smith' today, as we went straight to our MAP testing. After the majority of the testing was finished, we copied down the homework from the board.

Homework: Read 117 to 224 of 1984, and come up with two big thinking questions. Also, don't forget about CSAP and the grammar packet, which are both due on Friday.

Smith also suggested that I put a joke in this scribe because it's so short. So, for MAP testing, here is a joke about maps. (even though they aren't really related)
Q: What do maps and fish have in common? A: They both have scales!

Since I know for sure you are laughing uncontrollably at my amazing sense of humor and can't read the rest of this scribe, I'll end it now. Have a great Wednesday!

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