Thursday, January 12, 2012

Jan 11, 2012 - Smith Period 5

Class news alert... Only 92 days left of our freshman year! This is bad news though... no more Mrs. Smith!!!

We started our short class period by writing down our homework, which I have below. Next we did grammar, which, as I know is our favorite part of the day! We worked on day 3 in our packet and concluded that BOTH sentences are indeed independent clauses which means.... they are both simple sentences!! Ahh darn favorite part of our day over.. but Mrs. Smith ended our 45 minutes with an fascinating video called the "6th Sense," which is a device that can do more than you would ever imagine. I have the youtube URL for this video below so if you have not seen it, WATCH IT! You will never need a clock again! I hope ya'll had a wonderful PLC day and remember... Big Brother is ALWAYS watching you!

- Start Little Brother, and read through chapter 5 with two higher level thinking questions for our fishbowl on TUESDAY!
- CSAP packet due Friday!
- Grammar test Friday! Sentences below.
       1) My friend Alex plays tennis.
       2) Our friend Tom is the next president after Obama.
YouTube Link:


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