Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hello Class? What’s poppin? Today, we briefly went over the homework and grammar in class and then we got right down to work on our new project.
o   Read 13-14, 1 question
o   CSAP
o   Cory Doctorow questions
§  submit by tomorrow on blog post
§  everyone needs at least one question
  --- Grammar
o   Can (hv)(V) you (prn)(S) come (av)(V) over (adv) and (cc) watch (av)(V) the (art) movie (n)(Do) Casablanca (N)(app) after (prep) school (n/op)
o   The (art) [chemistry club] (N)(S)visited (av)(V) [boulder colorado] (N)(Do) for (prep) an (art) appointment (n)
--- Group project
o   We broke up into groups of three to four in order to discuss the topic:
§  What do Ned Kelly, Marcus and the Chicago Seven have in common?  
o   Present findings Thursday
o   Remember!!! Be creative!!!


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