Sunday, January 15, 2012

January 13, 2012 Smtih Period 5

On the last day of the second week back from break,
Yet another grammar test we did take!
To Smith we also turned in our grammar sheet and CSAP packet,
And then watched a video that caused quite a racket!
It was called “A Day Made of Glass”,
Then we proceeded to discuss it as a class.
Signing up for Little Brother discussion fishbowl,
Was so crazy we almost had to call in the fire patrol! (just kidding!)
The homework that has been assigned over this long weekend,
And on this not much time you will spend!
Read chapters 1-5 and have 2 higher thinking questions,
And on this I have no more suggestions!
Be sure to have a long weekend that is fun,
And be ready for fishbowl on Tuesday everyone!

Fishbowl Schedule –
·         Chapters 1-5 (January 17th): Joey H., Amanda F., Hunter K., Cassi G., Troy G., Cole W., Nick L.
·         Chapters 6-12 (January 23rd): Sam R., Ellie P., Sarah F., Maddie D., Jeremy P., Sanjay P., Zoe C.
·         Chapters 13-17 (January 27th): Macro G., Taylor D., Mackenzie M., Emily M., Lauren L., Madison T., Brooke E.
·         Chapters 18-Epilogue (February 1st): Brian H., Zoey H., Rachael B., Emily H., Colin B., Andrew N., Megan G.

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