Thursday, January 26, 2012

Scribe Period 5

-- Being the day of presentations everyone sat nervously in there seats waiting for the show to begin. "Hello Class" Mrs. Smith said as she strolled into class. We answered"Hello Smith" like we usually do. Before we started presentations Mrs. Smith talked to us about this new project discovered on BOING Boing a sight that  Cory Doctrow is a part of. The new project was an idea called a month of letters were in total you would have to write about 24 letters in the month of February. Mrs. Smith told us to read the article today and to think about if it is somthing we would be interested in doing. Then we quickly did punctuation and diagramming on our two sentences for the week.

Then we were off and the presentations began. We started off with a serious/ funny interview of the Chicago 7, Ned Kelley and Marcus Yallow as Nick's group shared us their presentation. Then Brian's group hit us with a ever so cool virtual chat between the three. Then Lauren's group showed us their ver cool and creative animation for their presentation. Maddie's group read us these unique original poems they wrote comparing Marcus, Ned and the Chicago 7. Joey's group did a really informational Prezi that was well done. Up next was Hunter's group which did a Prezi in the background well Jeremy Sam and Hunter acted out a meeting between the three freedom fighters. Last but surely not least the class and I learned how to catch a terrorist as Sarah's group did a very comical and informative skit.

After we were done presenting Mrs. Smith reviewed with us what we have learned about presentations from the beginning of the year with the horrific Macbeth presentations till now. Some of the key elements we came up with were: thinking outside the box, keeping the audience attention, using new and creative ways to get the information across and not lecturing but teaching the class about the topic. We also watched a video on drones exposing us to what the future could hold bringing up the same question of security vs. freedom.

The homework for tonight is to read through chapter 17 with 2 BIG thinking questions, be ready for the grammar test tomorrow, prepare for the grammar test, and be ready to run the fishbowl tomorrow just like if Mrs. Smith was there. Have a good evening and see you tomorrow.

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