Sunday, January 8, 2012

5th Hour, Thursday January 6, 2012

Class began in a unique manner today, as the traditional "Hello Smith" was replaced with a How-Dy!  We began class by writing down our homework as usual.  Then we went on to turn in our CSAP packet and grammar worksheet on the stool up front.  (The grammar worksheet was the sentence we worked on in class the entire week)  As everyone panicked for the upcoming grammar test, Mrs. Smith relieved all the tension by letting us know that she would walk us through the sentence. However this is the ONLY week she will do such a thing.  We slowly went through the grammar test with a mirror sentence on the board which Mrs. Smith walked us through.  Once we got to the Wednesday portion of the test (Independent vs. Dependent Clauses) however, we were forced to complete the rest of the test without any help.  Once everyone had completed their test, we prepared for the fishbowl over pages 117-224.  The fishbowl went as usual, to the end of the class and it was time to go!

Homework for the weekend:
Read 1984 Pgs. 225-312 by Tuesday and check for 2 big thinking questions for the Fishbowl.

Have a great weekend!

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