Thursday, January 5, 2012

1-5-12, Period 3

First off, the class polished off the error filled sentence we've been working on all week. The remainder of class was spent working on either reading, grammar studying, or the CSAP packet.

  1. Fishbowlers be ready to fishbowl tomorrow.
  2. Class, have 1984 read through book 2 with at least 2 higher level thinking questions.
  3. Pre pare for the grammar quiz tomorrow.
  4. CSAP packet due tomorrow as well.
2 Dates to write down:
  • Dec. 31st: Skyping day, missing second period
  • May 4th: Skyping day, also missing second period.
Make sure to inform 2nd period teachers of these dates but not so early that you annoy them ;)

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