Monday, January 23, 2012

January 23, 2012 Smith 3

Hello everybody! Today we started class with the usual, “Hello Class,” replied by the, getting more enthusiastic everyday, “Hello Smith!” The announcements followed and Mrs. Smith recommends that we fill out the survey for which qualities we’d like in our next principle. After the announcements we did our grammar and since it was Monday we only did parts of speech. The first sentence went like…
hv  prn    av   adv.  cc     av    art.  n            N          prep.   n
can you come over and watch the movie casablanca after school

The next sentence was…

 art.     N        N            av        N           N           prep    art     n
the chemistry club visited boulder colorado    for     an experiment

Once grammar was settled we got ready for our fishbowl over chapters 6-12. Mrs. Smith came around and checked our 3 questions for the section and then the discussion began. The day finished with the discussion.

  • ·         Read chapters 13-14 in Little Brother. We have another fishbowl on Friday on chapters 13-17 so come ready with 2 questions.
  • ·         CSAP packet “Words to Live By” is due Friday

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