Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Today, class started with the usual, “Hello class!” Followed by “Hello Smith!!!” Then we went over the homework listed below:

    -Grammar Worksheet due Tomorrow
    -Grammar Quiz Tomorrow
    -DON’T FORGET your Wikified Research Paper Conference

After we went over homework, we all turned in the borrowed copies of Little Brother and 1984. Then we completed the grammar practice in class:

-Sentence 1
    We wanted to play soccer; however, our friends wanted to listen to music.
PINK- capitalization/puntuation  aaa--first independent clause  aa-a- second independent clause
Whole sentence= compound sentence
-Sentence 2
    Both Anne and I remembered the schools address.
PINK- capitalization/punctuation  aaa-- independent clause
Whole sentence= simple sentence

Then, we wrote our parents a conference letter. The guidelines are listed below:

    -Assess your learning in class (participation, growth, comprehension, etc.)
    -Where do you want to be at the end of the semester?
    -How will you attain that goal?
    -How can Mrs. Smith help you with that?
    -Anything else you want to talk about during the conference?
    -Anything else you want to tell your parents about class?
    -Write a message to your parents (thanks, etc.)
    -Print out one copy for your parents and one copy for Smith with your name on it

After that, we watched the opening fight scene in two different versions of Romeo and Juliet.
    -The classic version
    -The modern version


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