Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Scribe: Febuary 08, 2011 Period 5

We started off the day with filing into the classroom and grabbing our assigned laptops. First we took care of grammar.

Punctuation and Clauses-

[There are pretty flowers in your garden]; [however, they don't smell very good.]
                        Ind Clause                           CD                     Ind Clause             
[On Friday, Febuary 11, 2011 I auditioned for the school play.]
                                     Ind Clause(SS)

Next, we went over the CSAP. Remember to underline important words in the question! Also remember to go back to the story if it is referenced.

After CSAP, we watched a video titled A Day Made of Glass 2. It showcased many different technologies that could exist in the future.

To end the day, we edited our introductions by way of musical chairs.

1. Outline and compose 1st body paragraph (Remember, Smith would like for us to get this done, but if you are overworked you can do it at a later date).
2. CSAP (even though it is easy, don't forget about it!)
                                                                                         - Andrew N. Period 5

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