Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Persuasive poem

This is a poem where you are trying to convince somebody of something they don’t want to be convinced of. The poem is an argument, an attempt to persuade. Think about all the situations where you are trying to convince somebody of something: getting out of a ticket, getting mom or dad to not ground you for breaking curfew, getting a date with your dream girl/boy, getting mom or dad to give you more money, getting a teacher to let you turn in late work.

As far as form, try to use couplets throughout your poem.  Also think about rhetorical strategies such as Ethos, Pathos and Logos. Appeal to the ethics, emotions, and logic of the person you are trying to seduce or persuade.

If you need some inspiration, try Andrew Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress".

Good luck!


  1. Curfew Ticket

    Why should I be grounded for my ticket?
    Can't we just forget it?

    You never warned of the curfew,
    Take deep breaths for a few.

    We only wanted to go for a quick walk,
    Just around the block.

    I promise I'll never go out again,
    As long as it isn't after ten.

  2. Starbucks

    Father, Father, lend me a dollar

    I need a few to purchase a collar

    Wrapped around a warm cup

    Gulp gulp gulp

    Drink it up

    Good for your health and heart

    Purchased from a man named Bart

    I will dash across the street

    And quickly purchase my drink


    Warm, sweet, fluffy

    For just a dollar fifty

    Good for your health and heart

    Starbucks is a work of art

  3. My Own Cellphone

    Mother, Father, you are the very best
    I have a question for you, I hope I'm not a pest

    I want my very own cell phone,
    So that I will never be alone

    My very best behavior would be ever so better
    Because I would be grateful to you forever

    Everyone has a cell phone, it really is true
    With a cellphone I could text my friends when I have the flu

    If I had a cell phone I would do hundreds of chores
    I would never complain about doing the dishes anymore

    Please, please, this is not a jest
    Buy me a cellphone to be the very best.

  4. seven

    I just want you to read the book

    Its not too long, its not too short
    I promise you won’t end up in court

    Food, clothes, possessions, please
    This experiment will be a breeze

    There are seven of you, you aren’t alone
    Why do you have to moan?

    Let’s get excited..only a few more days
    I’ll only be eating bread, potatoes and maize

    Seven months of cutting back
    Don’t look at me like I’m whack

    Can’t you just understand
    I’m going to need you close at hand

    To help me through this crazy time
    I know you are in your prime

    Please just read the book
    All I ask of you is one look

  5. My loving parents
    Because of my achievements
    I want to own a dog

    A dog teaches responsibility
    And if it is a possibility
    I want to own a dog

    It will be my job indeed
    To research the right breed
    I want to own a dog

    I will buy it myself
    And raise it myself
    I want to own a dog

    It will not be small
    It will respond to my call
    I want to own a dog

    He or she will be strong at heart
    And nothing will break us apart
    I want to own a dog

    They will be loving and kind
    And never fall behind
    I want to own a dog

    I promise not to lead it astray
    It will be at my side always
    I want to own a dog

  6. Justin bieber

    I know you don't know who I am
    But I can garuntee you I am your biggest fan

    I think we should be together
    No matter the weather

    So just dump Selena 
    And I'll meet you at the marina

    Please oh please Justin leave her 
    Cause your giving me bieber fever

    I know it's a little late
    However this is fate

    I promise to take down my shrine
    If you Justin Bieber will be my valentine

  7. Keep the Trees

    Look at the trees
    The beautiful trees
    Green clouds floating over us
    Growing so big and tall
    Watching over us all
    I see the trees
    The beautiful trees
    Slowly disappearing around me
    Look only one there
    And there
    I see no trees
    No beautiful trees
    Nothing to see
    But the wind over the seas
    But wait
    I see a tree
    A beautiful tree
    Rising up, up, up
    One that as flourished and is free
    Keep the trees
    The beautiful trees
    So they can be there always
    For you and for me

  8. Little Sister

    Please just pick them up
    Your toys can't help but disrupt

    All across the floor they sit
    Getting in the way quite a bit

    It really won't take long
    Although you insist I am wrong

    I can see you getting mad
    But I will be oh so glad

    All I want is a clear floor
    And maybe your toys out the door

  9. Forget that Ticket

    Officer, officer, please forgive me
    I did not want to speed, but speed I did, indeed.

    Please hold back from writing that ticket,
    I don’t deserve to be entangled in that horrendous thicket!

    Take a deep breath and think
    How I will feel when you hand it to me without even a blink.

    Please hold your pen, almost touching that pad,
    Because if you write that it will surely make me sad.

    Officer, officer, will you please have compassion,
    For if you write that ticket my face will turn ashen.

    Do you want my hopes to crash, and my dreams to burn
    For this little money that you will earn

    From one silly little guy that sped just a bit,
    And meant no harm but is now angry about it.

    Oh officer, please,
    I’m down on my knees!

    I promise that never shall I speed again,
    So long as we part now, and leave here as friends.

  10. Open Your Ears

    Open your ears
    Just go out and do it
    Open your ears
    And listen to real music.

    Don't listen to Nicki Minaj
    She is quite absurd
    And listen to some Cash
    That must be heard.

    Now you see this poem rhymes
    Just like any good rock song
    It's actually because this writer
    Has been listening to some Dylan too long.

    Here I'll lend you my CD
    So you can listen to it
    Just promise me listen to it
    Instead of Taylor Swift.

    Open your ears
    Just go out and do it
    Open your ears
    And listen to some real music.

  11. Puppy Please

    The thing I have always wanted most
    Since I was only a little girl
    was a puppy of my very own

    Please mom and dad, won't you help my dream come true?
    Of a cute ball of fluff of my very own
    Being my eternal friend and treasure forever

    I promise to always care for this new friend
    And to be there to clean up his mess

    I to promise to love him and cuddle him at night
    To calm him at times when he is lonely and scared
    In return he will join me as I play
    And struggle beside me as I run each day

    When I'm bored I won't have to bug you anymore, mom and dad
    Cause my friend will be there to pretend and frolick about
    Oh please let me have what I've always dreamed
    And grant me my dearest wish
    For all I want, which is not much to ask
    Is a puppy to be my friend

  12. If you were a pencil, you’d be number one
    If I was the sky, you’d be my sun

    You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree
    But the best way to fall, is in love with me

    My lines will seduce you; this I will bet
    No? Then let us move on to another set

    Something’s wrong with my cell phone (“oh really what is it?”)
    It’s just that your number is not yet in it

    If you were a booger, I would pick you first
    If I was an ocean you’d never die of thirst

    If kisses were leaves I would send you a tree
    If love was a person I would send you me

    Still haven’t fallen for my charms? Then I see it is a waste
    You must be one of those people, who has very poor taste

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  13. Smith needs to buy us all MacBooks

    Smith needs to buy us all MacBooks
    They are so much better then Dell-Books

    We all know she already hates them
    She may want to pull out her brain stems

    The Dells we’ll destroy or just sell ‘em
    And all C11 won’t mourn ‘em

    The English department is happy
    The students will have a new lappy

    The class will be oh so much better
    The freezes and crashes are lesser

    iPhoto, iMovie huzzah
    We’ll rejoice with a great big “hurrah!”

    Smith will never go bankrupt
    The school board will make her go way up

    She’ll be the best teacher in history
    And smartness won’t become a mystery

  14. Country Music livens the soul
    It raises the flag up the pole.
    Soulful, small-town songs that illustrate a simple life
    They show emotions from love to joy to inner strife.
    Country is relatable and understandable
    The great country community is respectable.
    Artists speak to the heart of America’s beliefs
    To me, the simple tunes and good lyrics are reliefs.
    Singers relay personal experience and stories,
    From tales of tribulations to gloating of past glories.
    Without Country Music where would we be?
    Who knows, we might be fighting World War Three!

  15. A crystal blue sapphire,
    I cloudless bluebird day
    My body turns fire
    When you look at me that way

    I need your arms around me
    I need to feel your touch
    I love the way my heart feels free
    I want you here too much

    The scarlet shining on your lips
    Is much too bright for me to bear
    My mind is put into eclipse
    To kiss you would cause me loss of air

    When I see you here with me
    When I feel you in my arms
    My heart feels a sudden esprit
    I am caught by your every charm

    From the moment that I saw you
    To the moment that I die
    Your lovely eyes pierce right through
    My heart which makes me feel like I touch the sky.

  16. It’s Not Free?

    What? No! I thought it was free!
    What is your reason to do this to me?

    That car had a price?
    Where was that advice?

    I can’t believe this!
    This problem’s amiss!

    When was this any law!
    I’m already in awe!

    I will make a fuss!
    I can’t ride the bus!

    I haven’t paid before, so why should I now?
    To my great lawyer, you will take a bow!

    This car I will take!
    Or your back I will break!

    I will fight this battle!
    No wait! Do not tattle!

    No! Don’t call police!
    I will take the lease!

  17. I am obsessed with you
    I don’t know what to do

    I have tried everything
    From Google, Yahoo, and Bing

    Alas, for they are no help
    If I don’t tell you soon I’m afraid I might yelp

    I’ve had these feelings for quite awhile
    I have nothing to do, but to simply beguile

    I’ve liked you for oh so long
    That’s right, my love is that strong

    I’d cross rivers and oceans and climb a mountain
    If only to see you again

    To gaze into your eyes
    For they are as blue as the skies

    To hold you near
    To lose you I fear

    If only I could get the nerves
    To complement you on your curves

    Why, I would say to you, if only to please you more
    “thy beauty is to me like those Nicean barks of yore”

    There, I’ve said it, that much is done
    But do you feel the same way, or has this all been for none?

  18. Every time I see you,
    my heart skips a beat.
    There are butterflies in my stomach,
    No one can compete.

    My thoughts get all scrambled,
    I strain to talk to you,
    but once I start speaking,
    my words are very few,

    There are a million thoughts,
    going through my head,
    But I can't say what's on my mind
    I'm sure my face turns red.

    Afterwards, I say goodbye,
    dwelling on my shame,
    waiting 'til the next time,
    my love for you I will proclaim.

  19. Three Earrings

    I know you never want to hear,
    How great I’ll look with sparkly ears,

    But trust me when I tell you this,
    Three piercings equal teenage bliss.

    Those dishes- they’ll be gone today!
    Headaches? They’re so yesterday!

    I’ll leave my shoes there at the door,
    And make quick work of every chore.

    How about foot-rubs before bed?
    I’ll paint your nails the perfect red,

    So mommy dearest, sweetie pie,
    You’re just the best, I wouldn’t lie,

    I love you forever, can’t you hear?
    I’ve got three piercings in my ear.

  20. Dearest Mom and dearest Dad,
    Let me speak, but don’t get mad.

    You see, I desperately need a dollar.
    It’s not that much, we don’t live in squalor.

    Just a simple crisp green bill in my hand,
    It’s the only thing I’ll every demand.

    “Why, why, why?” you say.
    Well, I’ll tell you and maybe you’ll sway.

    With a dollar I could buy
    A perfect pumpkin pie.

    Or maybe even some pixie dust.
    Oh please, please, please I just must.

    With that dollar I’ll be rich.
    Keep listening to my sales pitch.

    I could become a princess and buy a castle
    That has purple curtains with gold tassels.

    Oh and a rocket ship would be quite nice.
    I would fly to Pluto, yes that will suffice.

    So many things I could do
    With that dollar, who knew?

    You’re saying no?
    But I thought you loved me so.

    Remember that one time a while ago?
    You said I would get a prize since I let it go.

    Well now I want my prize.
    Just stop with your lies.

    Still no? I should have known.
    I’ll remember that next time you need help with your smartphone.

  21. To Professor Albus Dumbledore
    I have something of you that I must implore

    My Hogwarts acceptance letter is nearly five years late
    Though my hopes have had yet to completely dissipate

    Did the owl lose his way as he traveled to my home?
    Perhaps the ever-changing winds caused him to roam

    So I plead that you mend this error very quickly
    Surely my House still has an open spot for me

    I can assure you that in each subject I’ll succeed
    As my expectations of Hogwarts never began to recede

  22. Pie vs. Pi
    Crunchy, chocolaty, creamy goodness
    Or complicated calculating and computing.

    Mocha, white, and tan swirling together-
    A slice of heaven

    Or the glaring white paper with black squiggly lines-
    Taunting you to solve them.

    A savory smell sailing out of the oven-
    Tickling your senses.

    Or a dark ominous cloud, cloaking the room of darkness and misery-
    Leaving frustration and confusion in its wake.

    So what will it be?
    The choice resides with you.

    Will you accept the warm hand of goodness,
    Or the fist of heartless mathematics?

  23. Poems, not today, yuck
    Nobody wants to write one
    But maybe you'll gain some luck
    Trust me, they're really quite fun

    Sure they sound hard
    But once you get going
    You'll be writing a yard
    You'll be so good, the words will be flowing

    So don't go home crying
    We all know your lying
    Now go to Smith's blog page
    And your poem could be the next rage

  24. Facebook-

    Dearest Mom and Dad~

    You obviously do not care

    About the burden that I bear

    Nor the lack of communication

    That I have when I am on vacation

    Or the people I don’t know

    Oh you cause me so much woe!

    Just do me one favor

    And save me the labor

    From being closed off

    While the world just scoffs

    And take one look

    At the network called Facebook!

  25. Why Save a Life

    I know that you are in pain
    But please try to restrain
    from these urges you are feeling;
    only then will begin the healing
    You need to be surrounded by friends
    to help stop you from journey’s end
    Until you feel that you are okay
    I will prey and prey
    because if this world you leave
    We all will grieve and grieve
    No one can live without you
    because who knew
    that you are the reason for the sunshine
    because you are part of God’s design
    to stay and be loved and love
    until the love you are sick of
    But stay on this earth
    until death due us part
    or I will have a loneliness in my heart
    that can never be replaced
    without your radiant face
    I never want you to leave us here
    because without you we’re
    without purpose.

  26. Dearest Hogwarts Headmaster,

    My letter should have come nearly five years ago
    That's alright, I'll forgive you, though

    Just send it right away
    Let there be no delay

    Send your very quickest owl
    And make sure it is no Howler

    Just let me walk those hallowed halls
    I want to see the moving paintings and walls

    Hogwarts is my home, I am entirely sure of that
    I long to enter the Great Hall and put on the Sorting Hat

    Maybe I'll be a Gryffindor
    Home of the boy with the scar

    Or perhaps a Slytherin
    Among the sly I could find my kin

    Perchance I'd be a Ravenclaw
    Where there surely is no flaw

    Or I could be a Hufflepuff
    (Though enduring that teasing could be tough)

    All I know is I do have magic
    It could be the school's, you could have it

    Hogwarts is where I really belong
    There is nothing for which I equally long

    I want to sail on broomstick through the sky
    And you don't want to miss me or pass me by

    When I think of Hogwarts, I think of home
    Just let me in, I know I'll belong

  27. My love for you,
    Is tried and true,
    Yet still I can’t call you mine,
    Even though we together would be divine,

    Sailing the high seas,
    Feeling the salty breeze
    Laughing and talking under the sun,
    Life with you would be so much more fun!

    The sweetest dream will never do,
    Unless it’s with you.
    So my heart to you I consign,
    Oh Captain Jack Sparrow, won’t you be mine?!

  28. You may not know it,
    I try not to show it,
    I love the way you make me feel,
    Just don't break my heart, it may not heal.

    All the words you haven't heard,
    Because I'm too afraid to say them,
    But with you it takes just one word,
    And the rest of the world goes dim.

    You may not see it,
    I can't help but feel it,
    I love every smile I get to see,
    Just wondering if any were because of me.

    All these feelings, I wish I was sure,
    Because you make me doubt,
    But maybe you'll stay with me and not her,
    Because you, I cannot live without.

  29. Mom, Dad please get me a puppy
    If you did I promise to be so lucky

    All it would need is some love and food
    I thought I would call him my little precious dude.

    I would walk him for an hour every single day
    Maybe even take a run around the closest bay.

    I would train him to do many, many tricks
    Possibly five or maybe even six.

    He would be my best friend
    And countless hours we would spend.

    So please mom and dad get me a puppy
    And I promise you would be the ones who will be lucky.

  30. Give me an A

    Hear me out, oh mighty tester,
    I have served you for a humble semester.

    Working hard was always my goal,
    Now my effort may go down the hole.

    Why would anyone be so cruel,
    And stop me so close to my jewel?

    Night and day, I have prayed,
    That I may have that revered grade.

    Only you can save me from my despair,
    Oh please forget that last questionnaire.

    I implore you just once more,
    To be my brave commodore.

    Only one point you must donate,
    It can’t be too hard to locate.

    This is all I have to say,
    Oh please, give me an A.

  31. You might not want to hear this,
    But in my heart, something is amiss.
    And I do believe its you, my dear,
    But hearing no is my deepest fear

    It’s been a long time that I’ve felt this way
    But I just can’t find the words to say.
    We’re like birds of a feather,
    Were we meant to be together?

    You’ve watched my best and seen my worst,
    For your charm, I’ve tumbled headfirst,
    The laughs and pain we have been through,
    Why isn’t it obvious to you?

    We’d stay up whispering all night
    And talk about our dreams of flight
    We really are two of a kind.
    Can you really be so blind?

    I want so badly for you to know,
    But I’m much too scared to tell you so.
    I think of you when I hear the love songs,
    Why isn’t it obvious to whom my heart belongs?

    You may not think that I’m the one,
    But when everything is said and done,
    A perfect pair, that’s you and me,
    Can’t you see everything we could be?

  32. Love

    It controls us
    It makes our decisions
    It embodies us

    You control me
    You are the reason for my decisions
    Your love embodies me

    Love takes time
    It takes patience
    It takes passion

    My love for you took time
    I had to be patient
    Now I love you with a passion

    Love gives us butterflies
    It gives us sweaty hands
    It gives us someone to day-dream about

    You give me butterflies
    You give me sweaty hands
    I day-dream about our love

    Love is a fantasy
    Our love is a fantasy

  33. I Cordially Invite You to Mexico with Me

    Once before it has occurred
    But I had left without a word
    I extended an offer
    But the reply was not her!
    I need you to please understand
    That the resort is safely manned
    I can assure your parentals
    That there will be all the necessary essentials
    There will be no thugs
    Or too many bugs
    We would have a blast
    Unfortunately it would quickly be past
    Nine days full of tanning and the beach
    How could anyone possibly screech
    Palapa bars and swim up bars
    As long as we don’t end up behind bars in police cars
    It would all be great fun
    Fun in the sun
    I hope to go back as soon as possible
    I want there to be no obstacles
    There is already an automatic invitation waiting for you
    When I do go, all I need you to do is say I do

  34. Please Fishy,
    Don’t die on me,
    not yet.
    I realize I haven’t fed you since Christmas.
    I mean, you are so much fun to play with!
    I know you can’t see me through your filthy tank that I haven’t cleaned.
    I mean, you are such a beautiful creature.
    You must be getting tired of all the other fish I own dying around you. Like living in a graveyard.
    I mean, ya its too bad your friends aren’t making it very long.
    But please, please, please, please, please, please Fishy,
    Don’t die on me, not just yet.

  35. Snow, Snow go away

    Come again another day

    I urge you clouds, clear up the sky

    So it is safe for the birds to fly

    We don’t need the blistering cold

    Between you and me it’s getting kind of old

    Time is near to shed the coats

    I’m taking out the sunblock to ride the boats

    Santa has come and he’s done with his work

    The lightning bugs should come to twinkle and lurk

    So I will make the deal with you, please bring the sun

    I cannot wait much longer, bring on the fun

  36. Cake

    You swore me off several months ago,
    Due to a stupid diet
    It's okay to break it, though
    One piece of me, just try it

    Think of my luscious chocolate kiss
    Topped with smooth whipped cream
    Oh, I know you're dying for this
    Though your jeans might split at the seams

    I may be filled with calories
    I'll bump you up a size
    But I'm topped with sweet, delicious Hershey's
    Although, it will go to your thighs

    Oh, but I'm filled with sugary riches
    My outside, encased in fudge
    Who cares that you'll need a pair of new britches
    I'm better than that salad sludge

    So take a bite of my sweetness dear,
    Savor the lovely taste
    Take a bite, with no fear
    You can't let me go to waste

    Oh, I know you want me
    I can see it in your eyes
    I know that you can't let me be
    Much to your demise

    Come on, you little weakling
    I know you'll take a bite
    Oh, I'm sorry, sweet thing
    Please, ignore my spite

    Okay, let's make a compromise
    Just one piece you'll take
    They say I'm a heart attack in disguise
    I am the chocolate cake.

  37. My Love for You

    You and I were meant to be together
    Since the first grade with ol’ Mrs. Heather

    I have had eyes only for you
    Without, I would be very blue

    With your tan skin, golden hair and deep blue eyes
    You’re just as beautiful outside, no surprise

    Deep is my love for you,
    Deeper than ocean blue

    You’ll be my shining light
    And I’ll be your bold knight

    So accept my humble plea
    Will you go out with me?

  38. *One Day*

    One day we'll meet like it's for the first time.
    It'll be as if nothing is complicated, as if nothing is a climb.

    No matter the differences between you and I,
    Together we'll float, like a balloon, through the sky.

    One day we'll share adventures people will write about.
    These times will be treasured, of that there is no doubt.

    Different can be good and different can be bad.
    But I assure you, one day, you won't forget the experiences we've had.

    You could dissect every thought while I dwell on none.
    You could always finish your food first when I'm far from done.

    Maybe I'll get gutsy at the completely wrong times.
    And you'll always be fearless when the timing is sublime.

    One day we'll be as far from perfect as we can be;
    For perfection is not unique, but implies uniformity.

    Although we'll balance out each other nicely,
    Perfection is boring and we'll never fit concisely.

    Differences are what captivate, not what set apart.
    One day they'll bring us together and mold one heart.

    When we're old, walking down the street, hand in hand,
    We'll know there are absolutely no hardships we can't withstand.

    We'll forget the differences and promise to never stray;
    Promise to still see beauty in each other, even with our skin wrinkled and our hair gray.

    So give us a chance to be all this and more,
    And, one day, we'll be like two mockingbirds, with the wind in our wings; together, as we soar.

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  40. The Letter of Acceptance

    Now I grasp that I may not be the smartest
    But I have truly tried my hardest.

    I sent my application months ago,
    I am not certain if that is an answer of yes or no.

    So I beg to you today,
    To reconsider of how I have been portrayed

    For this college has been a tradition
    In my family it has become an ambition,

    To be accepted to you oh college of success.
    I have really accomplished much progress,

    Of how I carry myself with confidence and zest
    To do whatever it takes to make you become impressed.

    So I beg to you today,
    To reconsider the rejection you made,

    Months ago for so it has been declared
    That you tossed aside my only dream like you did not care.

    Oh college of great glory
    Will you please accept a girl who is so dearly sorry

    For not being the typical student desired
    Of a college who is so admired.

    Please review this application
    That has been improved to a level of admiration.

    A despairing but hopeful girl

  41. M83 is by far my favorite band,
    Not going to their concert is something I won’t stand.

    I’ll ask you just once, or maybe more
    If you say “no” it might start a war.

    Going to this concert would complete my life,
    If you said “yes” for once it would end our long strife.

    I’m not even joking or trying to be funny.
    This is something I need, I’ll even pay with my own money.

    M83 coming to Denver was obviously fate,
    Once all is done I’ll revert back to my natural state.

  42. Any Spare Change?

    Dearest Mother,
    Finest Father,
    Could you possibly spare a dollar?

    I have found myself just a little shorted,
    But does that mean my purchase must be thwarted?
    I have not cried or whined,
    And I sure hope not to be denied.

    Is it really okay to forget,
    The dearest son which you swore to never regret?
    Could you look at yourself in the mirror?
    Knowing you left him at the rear?

    So I beg of you please,
    It would only be a breeze,
    Spare this poor child some change,
    Or all the other adults may consider you strange.

  43. My True Love...

    From the first time you walked into my class
    my heart skipped a beat

    your justin bieber hair flip
    makes me swoon

    I could fall into your eyes
    I just want to stare into them

    Sometimes I picture that one day
    You will professe
    Your love
    For Me

    I know you feel it too
    dont be scared

    Jump with me!

    We can live together
    In love
    Having adventures
    Living for each other

    I love you.

  44. Parkour is the best,

    You can wear a sweater vest,

    As you fly through the air,

    Don't worry it won't mess up your hair,

    It is a sport, it's really fun,

    Do not worry you wont be shunned,

    You should try parkour, you really should,

    Because i know, that you could,

    Learn all the things you see me do,

    And the people wouldn't dare to boo.

    You should try Parkour, you really should!

  45. Last Hope
    I sent my job application in months ago
    My greatest fear is the answer might be no
    I know I don't posses several necessary skills
    But I need the money to pay my bills

    I have two children and a wife
    I'm doing my best to give them a good life
    I've tried to get a job for the past year
    Not being able to support my family is my greatest fear

    So please reconsider your acceptance of me
    I promise I'll work my hardest and to my best ability
    If I don't get this job I fear the worst to come

    Eviction, poverty, and the loss of my family are difficult to think of
    Please I plead, life without a job is gonna be rough
    So please Best Buy manager reconsider your choice
    i hope you can hear me out, I hope you can hear my voice

    This is my last chance, this is my last hope
    If I don't succeed my family and I will mope
    I beg you to think about what you’re going to do
    I leave you with this thought what would Jesus do?

  46. Our Gift
    Illuminated in the light,
    your face so sweet, so calm, so bright.
    Eyes so sensual, it makes my head spin—
    now I’m waiting on gravity to just pull me in.
    Attraction so strong, a magnetic force,
    held back by fear and a touch of remorse.
    Seeing the want in my eyes,
    your heart starts to rise.
    I’m your break from reality,
    that small chance for morality.
    Together at last, finally beating the odds—
    take a chance on the love that was a gift straight from God.
    To succeed in a life so enchanting and free,
    so come, take a breath, and be with me.

  47. Dear mom and dad
    I'm sorry I've been so bad
    But poetry is not my fad
    Yet please don't give up hope
    Believe in me, I won't be a dope 

  48. Dive into a clear pool
    Everyday after school

    The world disapears
    No longer in up to your ears

    Keeps you in shape
    Which helps you feel great

    With a great big splash
    You are gone in a flash

    Never any fear
    The world seems so clear

  49. The Van
    By: Troy Golding

    Wanna get in the van
    I am just a harmless man

    No I cannot talk to you
    I have to go to…

    Get in the van and lets have some fun
    There is a lot of candy and not a single gun

    That does not sound so bad
    Candy actually keeps me from being sad

    C’mon just get in the van
    I will drive it as fast as I can

    Sounds like a jolly time
    Have you ever committed a crime

    Of course not silly
    Unless a crime is a wet willy

    I still do not know about this
    I better go talk it over with my sis

    Hurry and get in before I leave
    I have all this candy to heave

    Oh I guess I can come with you
    By the way I have the flu

    Nevermind little girl, go on and play
    I will have to find another child to abduct today

  50. A poem should not persuade but reveal consequence.