Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharing our Poetry

Lets make a party.  Bring something to share, besides a poem, on Monday to celebrate our hard work this semester.  You could bring drinks, utensils, paper goods, goodies, etc...

Additionally, comment below with the poem you want to share on our poetry read aloud day. 


  1. Some may say I’m quite odd
    I don’t care, for those who mind don’t matter
    And those who matter don’t mind
    Peers might sometimes be awed
    When they find out that I am flawed
    But they say I am one of a kind
    And I hope to be quite a find
    An interest is held in art
    It is not the kind most would find in their heart
    My taste is very weird
    It’s not always much cheered
    One day they will see
    That the awed are the odd
    Their true selves one day they will be
    When they eventually find their own key

  2. I Don’t Believe in Love

    I don’t believe in love!
    I don’t- it’s very true
    And when I think of love,
    I never ever think of you.

    I don’t believe in love!
    It really doesn’t exist
    That warm and caring feeling,
    Never really persists.

    I don’t believe in love!
    It has never really found me
    Never stopped to care,
    That romantic tingly feeling,
    Is never really there.

    But when she walks through that door
    For everyone to see,
    She peers into my heart-
    She looks right into me

    And what she finds in that pit
    Of blackness and disease
    Is that I really care for her,
    And love has finally found me

    I believe in love,
    Like nothing else I feel.
    I believe in that feeling
    Of the romantic loving deal

    No longer does my heart dwell
    In a abyss of darkness and despair,
    But in the glorious light
    Of love- I was walking on air

    I believe in love!
    Yes, it’s really true
    And when I think of love,
    I think of loving you.

  3. Forever Young


    Eight, nine, ten
    Ready or not here I come!
    Tiptoeing around the corner
    I quietly look behind the door
    I hear a chair leg squeak
    Wheeling around I yell
    My sister sprints into the next room
    I am shortly behind
    Seeing her dive under a blanket
    I run to get her, I can see
    A head of blond and two little eyes poking out
    Sliding in beside her we hear
    Look at me, smile!


    Peeking through her fingers I hear her count
    Eight, nine, ten
    Ready or not
    She looks around the corner
    Trying to contain her giggles
    Spotting her sister
    Running off to the living room
    Giggling and laughing
    Hiding under a blanket
    I must capture the moment
    I call to the blond duo, grab my camera

  4. My love for you,
    Is tried and true,
    Yet still I can’t call you mine,
    Even though we together would be divine,

    Sailing the high seas,
    Feeling the salty breeze
    Laughing and talking under the sun,
    Life with you would be so much more fun!

    The sweetest dream will never do,
    Unless it’s with you.
    So my heart to you I consign,
    Oh Captain Jack Sparrow, won’t you be mine?!

  5. Picture Perfect

    Smiles spread like sparks
    in the dry heat of day
    People slip underneath the green foliage
    the shadows leaving their skin like dark silk
    Laughter is infectious;
    bubbling up from rosy young lips
    The summer bride shines
    from a happy light within
    Air is sweet with the joy of new beginnings
    and loss of childhood
    and remembering old memories

    The ancient eyes of the trees
    who hold in deep memory
    sights of picnics
    games of tag and hide-and-go-seek
    Now view the sacred union of love

    The photographer
    watches it all through his lens
    Until the perfect moment arises
    Beautiful bride and grinning girl
    captured forever
    in a moment of pure joy

  6. The Race

    I push myself beyond what I've done before.
    I need to work as hard as those of lore.
    Make this day count, make the work pay off.
    Can't slow down, even though I cough.
    Make this race, this bib memorable.
    A personal record would be so pleasurable!

    Watch this runner fly down the course.
    Running, running faster than a horse.
    Participant Number 30, keep going.
    Screams and shouts keep the runner from slowing.
    Almost there, about to reach the finish line.
    With that great time, this runner cannot whine

  7. Peaceful, Still

    The breeze is cool against my skin
    The sand warm beneath my feet, still hot from the suns glow
    My hair taken up by the wind, dancing about my shoulders
    Glinting gold in the dying sunlight
    An endless sonnet of waves splashing up the shore, then swimming slowly back to sea
    Clouds flicker across the sky like comforting arms, encircling the sun, asking it to retire and come home
    Blue sky peeks from behind dark shadows, saying goodnight to another day gone
    My eyes are drooping, tired and wind strained
    My skin is rough and raw from the baking rays of the sun, tanning my skin
    Beads of water dance on my fingertips, licking my bare arms
    I see deep orange spill across the darkening sky
    And know it is time for me to head home
    For the night is young
    As I trudge up the beach for the last time that day
    I look back
    A sudden rush of wind stinging my eyes and blowing my hair out behind me
    The waves whisper goodnight
    The sun begs me to stay
    The morning will come again shortly
    Calling me again to the sea
    Forever speaking my name...

    Her silhouette struck out across the orange sky
    Her hair flying out around her bare shoulders
    A small smile growing on her lips
    The sun hung low in the air engulfed by clouds
    Blue sky shimmering lightly on the water
    She stood alone
    Motionless and still
    Her eyes tired and small, but a smile still set on her lips
    She turned slowly as if to go
    But then spun around swiftly, as if se had heard someone call her name
    Stay, stay...
    She smiled again at the sea
    Those tired eyes longing to stay
    But she would be back
    Not tomorrow
    Never again today
    But she would be back
    LAter than she believed
    Someday again she would be home
    Again with the promise of the ever present sea

  8. Let’s walk by the beach, just you and me.
    Let’s dream of perfect harmony.
    Shall we ponder the beauty of this Oregon coast?
    Shall we relish in its unequaled glory, foremost?

    Let’s perform for the people, just you and me.
    Let’s crash, then roll, then put them to sleep,
    With our rolling and singing that’s hard to deny,
    Let us quiet their hearts like a lullaby.

    Let’s listen to the song the ocean now sings,
    and bask in the peace its gentleness brings.
    Let’s lie on the beach, and glance all around,
    Before we fall asleep, safe, happy, and sound.

    The day is now done, we relax and sleep too.
    We take a break from performing, very similarly to you.
    Instead of crashing and yelling and rolling,
    We sit here and wait for the upcoming morning.

  9. I'm Awed by Odd Things

    Many are awed by the crashing of the waves
    Or the setting of the sun
    Or the blooming of a flower
    That's only just begun

    I am awed by the odd things

    The creation of bubbles
    The movement of fish
    The makeup in movies
    The placement of food on a dish

    The prints in the sand
    Along the beach side
    The spinning of the teacups
    At an amusement park ride

    The people that can write poems
    The people that can draw
    The hopping of a bunny
    The weaving of straw

    I am awed by all of these odd things

  10. Bonded

    Bonded by childhood
    My brothers and I
    As we watch the waves
    Recede and pass by

    Times come and go
    But this I will remember
    Those faces I know
    Times spent together

    Traveling around the world
    Sharing experiences
    That soon become curled
    Each others accomplices

    Mischievous siblings
    Sharing memories abound
    Given many blessings
    We all have been crowned

    Bestowed upon with love and kindness
    Blessed with your majesty and highness
    For these are the virtues
    Siblings share
    As the year continues
    All is not fair

    But for now we stand
    Hand in hand
    Bound together
    Loved forever

    Bonded by childhood
    My brothers and I
    As we watch the waves
    Recede and pass by

  11. Frosty glass
    My only protection
    While cold wind whips by my window
    Its hard to tell where the road ends
    Or where the ocean begins

    The water swallows the sand
    Who knows where its been
    Who knows where it is headed
    Each swell draws me in
    I press my face up against the glass

    I don't try to question
    The quiet awe of the storm
    One lone stoplight
    Under a troubled sky
    Its exciting
    Its peaceful

  12. The Sun and The Son

    Take a walk outside and you shall see,
    An inexplicable source of yellow beauty.
    It gives us warmth, and energy for life,
    Yet it stays so far, and leaves us at night.
    What is it that the sun can earn,
    When we have nothing to give in return?

    A new baby boy is born everyday,
    To parents who would give everything else away.
    The boy takes food, and money too,
    Yet it gives them joy, through and through.
    Why do mother and father sacrifice,
    Knowing that one day he will leave their sight?

    The sun and the son,
    The discussion is done.
    One is a giver, the other a taker,
    Yet in the end, they both give us warmth.

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  14. There will be a time.
    A time when this bubbly toddler
    may not be so happy to be sitting next to her dad.
    There will be a time.
    A time when instead of laughs being shared,
    it will be loud words of anger.
    This little girl doesn’t yet realize what she has.
    A caring father, who will always be there
    no matter what hardships come her way.
    The never ending love.
    There will be a time.
    A time when this without-a-care kid,
    maybe walking down the aisle,
    or when she leaves for college,
    that she will truly be grateful
    for this man’s love.
    Their bond is forever.
    This captured moment is just the beginning.

  15. I love Country Music

    Everyone else listens to their rap or their punk rock
    But I love country music
    Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan
    KYGO, the CMA’s and Country Music Channel
    The sweet sounds of veterans Tim McGraw or Brad Paisley
    The up and coming new beats of The Band Perry or Scotty McCreery
    The sad ballads or upbeat tempos
    All of it makes me come alive
    No one can wrap their heads around why I like country so much
    Maybe its because I don’t look the part
    But Lady A tickets are my weakness
    And watching Blake Shelton perform at the Grammy’s was a dream
    Country music is not just music, it is my life

  16. Fox's Point of View-

    "Yum" my tail tastes good.
    It kinda tastes like wood.

    "Wait" is that a bunny over there,
    or could it be a small bear?

    "Hmm" should I go and check it out?
    I will have to plan my route.

    "Well..." which way should I go?
    I will have to move slow.

    "Yes!" It is a bunny.
    Now isn't that funny.

    "Hm" Should I attack from behind?
    I don't think it is blind.

    "I know," I will go at it from the right.
    I only want one bite.

    "Yum." The rest I will save for dinner,
    After all, I need to become thinner.

  17. Troy Golding
    Photograph Poem

    Sea Turtle

    Roaming around the vast sea
    Putting on a show for tourists staring at me
    The water is blue like the sky
    I swim along with a sigh

    Dodging people to stay afloat
    If i don’t keep my eyes open I might get hit by a boat
    I wait along for when the night comes
    I can finally rest and listen to boats hums

    These people will not give me a break
    Settle down for goodness sake
    Roaming around the vast seas
    I finally have a moment to be at ease

  18. Dearest Hogwarts Headmaster,

    My letter should have come nearly five years ago
    That's alright, I'll forgive you, though

    Just send it right away
    Let there be no delay

    Send your very quickest owl
    And make sure it is no Howler

    Just let me walk those hallowed halls
    I want to see the moving paintings and walls

    Hogwarts is my home, I am entirely sure of that
    I long to enter the Great Hall and put on the Sorting Hat

    Maybe I'll be a Gryffindor
    Home of the boy with the scar

    Or perhaps a Slytherin
    Among the sly I could find my kin

    Perchance I'd be a Ravenclaw
    Where there surely is no flaw

    Or I could be a Hufflepuff
    (Though enduring that teasing could be tough)

    All I know is I do have magic
    It could be the school's, you could have it

    Hogwarts is where I really belong
    There is nothing for which I equally long

    I want to sail on broomstick through the sky
    And you don't want to miss me or pass me by

    When I think of Hogwarts, I think of home
    Just let me in, I know I'll belong

  19. If you were a pencil, you’d be number one
    If I was the sky, you’d be my sun

    You may fall from the sky, you may fall from a tree
    But the best way to fall, is in love with me

    My lines will seduce you; this I will bet
    No? Then let us move on to another set

    Something’s wrong with my cell phone (“oh really what is it?”)
    It’s just that your number is not yet in it

    If you were a booger, I would pick you first
    If I was an ocean you’d never die of thirst

    If kisses were leaves I would send you a tree
    If love was a person I would send you me

    Still haven’t fallen for my charms? Then I see it is a waste
    You must be one of those people, who have very poor taste


    Everything is still
    As I crouch there
    Waiting to be released
    The rough track against my fingers

    Suddenly the silence is pierced with a cry
    “SET!” the official shouts
    As if we are robots
    We rise in unison

    Now the air is tense
    The wait is unbearable
    Suddenly, with a shot
    We all bolt forward

    The race has begun
    I fall into place behind the leader
    Waiting to make my move
    Waiting to pass

    The world has suddenly gone silent
    I can only hear the pounding
    The pounding of feet
    And of my heart

    Then the burn sets in
    It slowly creeps up my legs
    Into my lungs
    Into my head

    I can see the finish line
    We are neck and neck
    I push forward
    So does he

    I feel as if I can’t go on
    But I must
    I give everything I have
    And I move faster

    I am almost there
    Thirty feet
    I can hear him behind me
    Twenty feet

    With a desperate push I surge forward
    I feel as if I will die
    Finally, I am finished
    I have won

    It starts as a trickle of sound
    The cheering of the crowd
    Only then do I realize
    I have been deaf to the world around me

    All is silent as I wait for the start
    “SET!” the official shouts
    Another unbearable pause
    Then the shot, the race has begun

    I watch as they all fall into position
    Faster and faster they go
    Some start to fall away
    Others increase their speed all the more

    I watch as the leader breaks away
    My son right on his heels
    Faster and faster
    As they approach the final stretch

    I can tell they are tired
    But neither will give up
    My son starts to pass the leader
    They are neck and neck

    They are both on the verge of collapse
    But neither will
    The distance is growing
    My son has pulled away

    As he nears the line
    He gives one final push
    It is finished
    He has won

    Only after this do I begin to hear
    I hear the cheers and screams
    Fellow spectators cheering them on
    But I had not heard their shouts

    I guess I was running right beside him
    Running with him
    Cheering him on
    Deaf to the world around me

    There is something peaceful about it
    About the silence during a race
    People shout at the top of their lungs
    But I do not hear them

    I am too focused
    To determined to care
    My eyes are on one thing alone
    The Finish Line

  21. My Love for You

    You and I were meant to be together
    Since the first grade with ol’ Mrs. Heather

    I have had eyes only for you
    Without, I would be very blue

    With your tan skin, golden hair and deep blue eyes
    You’re just as beautiful outside, no surprise

    Deep is my love for you,
    Deeper than ocean blue

    You’ll be my shining light
    And I’ll be your bold knight

    So accept my humble plea
    Will you go out with me?

  22. A Piece of Peace

    Whether a piece of pie
    or a piece of land
    The hope of the world lies
    in all of our hands

    The friendships we make
    is what lives in the heart
    The extra step we take
    for connections we start

    Nations make Peace together
    for goodwill will flow
    The Peace in a simple feather
    for alliance to grow

    We are the Pieces to the puzzle
    A million to chart
    The Pieces come together
    That is Peace in the heart

  23. The effect of aspects
    Affect effects
    Within human aspect
    When effects affect and infect.

  24. The Key and Quay

    Standing as if a lighthouse
    Feet stuck fast to the dampened boards,
    I see birds with their sails fly over the water.

    The quay with it’s breeze
    And it’s sun-sharpened waves,
    Is the key to my heart-
    What I love.

    It unlocked my wonder at six years old
    Slipping from the slick quay
    Salt-spray high as I slid through it’s waters.

    Floating in the deep with a mind full of numb
    Sinking as I felt the sharp key
    Felt the sting like coral and I was on fire.

    The cold gentle key of the quay on the water
    Sliding into my heart
    And I loved it.

  25. Crime – Fighting Ninja

    A hero lives among us, here in this room,
    They never seem to show their face until there’s certain doom,
    A ninja fighter saves the world from harm,
    And still comes here to learn about healthcare reform.

    For no one knows the eyes behind the mask
    When danger’s here they come out with a flash
    And when it’s done the hero’s gone again
    Returning to the classroom from pouring rain.

    No matter what the world will never know
    The person who has saved us is unknown
    But whenever there’s a villan here alas,
    We know this ninja will kick some –

    This poem has been cut short due to a strict word count limitation

  26. Pie vs. Pi
    Crunchy, chocolaty, creamy goodness
    Or complicated calculating and computing.

    Mocha, white, and tan swirling together-
    A slice of heaven

    Or the glaring white paper with black squiggly lines-
    Taunting you to solve them.

    A savory smell sailing out of the oven-
    Tickling your senses.

    Or a dark ominous cloud, cloaking the room of darkness and misery-
    Leaving frustration and confusion in its wake.

    So what will it be?
    The choice resides with you.

    Will you accept the warm hand of goodness,
    Or the fist of heartless mathematics?

  27. In Sight

    Not long ago it came into sight,
    the site of my troubles, that place of my plight.
    Some problem I had, a moment I passed,
    which has troubled my mind, a time in the past.

    Never forgotten, that period of strife,
    That phase of great trouble, in my mind as a knife.
    It always will burn me, never out of my mind,
    Tormenting my soul, like an unbreakable bind.

    So not long ago it came into sight,
    the site of my troubles, that place of my plight.
    A moment ago, unlike any before,
    a thought that could end it, one worth fighting for.

  28. I feel happy
    Free never the less
    My opportunities are never ending.
    Envision the joy in life
    That’s what I do.
    I imagine I am flying through the air
    As a bird flies through the open midst
    All my worries have disappeared
    And for once I can just keep running
    I am forever young.

    Young feels like forever ago
    My paradise has perished
    I remember all the opportunities that were placed before me
    I set aside my goals to pursuit a fantasy not worth living for
    Now I am growing old
    There is no soul left inside
    Only emptiness drives through me.
    I want to be like that girl
    Running free, not having a care in the world
    I soon will accomplish new triumphs.
    Victories will be in my favor
    And through eternity I will breathe young once again.

  29. There’s no such thing as a one-man team
    Otherwise there would be no one to scream
    And push you through the pain or there would be no gain
    So go for it
    Call all your best buds
    And form a pact
    Because there is no such thing as a one man team

    The meet is over
    The meet is won
    Two teams have gone head to head
    But now there’s no time left to go back
    All that’s left is to celebrate and take a one-night break

    There is no such thing as a one-man team
    The meet is over and the meet is won

  30. Photograph- Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia on fire


    I’m on fire!
    My interior set ablaze
    The wheels melting below
    Smoke rising from every crack in the metal

    As I climbed the ever treacherous hill
    My engine said to stop
    And slow down so it can catch its breath
    But I said no, keep going!

    Nearing the peak you said no more
    And caught on fire to say “I am done”
    My glass melting and cracking in the intense heat
    The canvas roof gone in an instant

    Your Italian engineering could not contain
    This ever impending fate
    My two-hundred thirty-eight thousand dollars worth of body
    Caught up in flame


    My car!
    I pushed you too far didn’t I?
    Did I rev your engine too much?
    Was I showing you off more than I needed to?
    Your red, glossy paint excited me
    And I just could not resist
    Climbing that beautiful mountain in Switzerland
    On a hot, summer day
    Temptation led to over exaggeration
    And you caught ablaze in front of me
    And I realized, you super expensive car
    You will never be driven again

  31. persuasion/seduction poem(revised)

    Our Gift
    Illuminated in the light,
    your face so sweet, so calm, so bright.
    Eyes so sensual, it makes my head spin—
    now I’m waiting on gravity to just pull me in.
    Attraction so strong, a magnetic force,
    held back by fear and a touch of remorse.
    Seeing the want in my eyes,
    your heart starts to rise.
    I’m your break from reality,
    that small chance for morality.
    Together at last, finally beating the odds—
    take a chance on the love that was a gift straight from God.
    With a fire ablaze in our every touch
    I hold onto your hand and, I start to blush.
    The need to be close- to hold onto you tight
    as we gaze at the sky, the stars, the night.
    Forever engraved in my head- your face
    beautiful, shameless, bountiful grace.
    We talk until the daybreak shines
    just another memory in my mind.
    Will you find in your heart, the love that once was?
    To come back to the night that gave me pause-
    to succeed in a life so enchanting and free,
    come, take a breath, and be with me.

  32. Mount Rushmore
    I always see them staring
    only at night do they cease their glaring
    Then it is just the three of us
    reflecting on the days rush
    At 8 AM it all begins again
    whether it be sunshine or rain
    the other three Presidents agree
    That all we wish to do is flee
    We want to escape from the constant stares
    because no longer can we bare
    this continuous torture since 1939
    We were meant to be a shrine
    but were turned into a tourist trap
    placed somewhere on the map
    Into the side of a mountain four Presidents were carved
    There is a lack of realization that we are being starved
    from a peaceful afterlife
    spent entirely with the wife
    Instead we are forced to live our days
    in the hot sun’s gaze
    waiting for a day when we can rest
    from the public’s eye; only then will we be blessed
    Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and I all know
    we will never be anything but a part of Mount Rushmore

  33. Love

    A crystal blue sapphire,
    A cloudless bluebird day
    My body turns into fire
    When you look at me that way

    I need your arms around me
    I need to feel your touch
    I love the way my heart feels free
    I want you here too much

    The scarlet shining on your lips
    Is much too bright to bear
    My mind is put into eclipse
    To kiss you would cause loss of air

    When I see you here with me
    When I feel you in my arms
    My heart feels a sudden skip
    I am caught by your every charm

    From the moment that I saw you
    To the moment that I die
    Your lovely eyes pierce right through
    My heart that's in the sky.

  34. Picture: George Clooney
    Courtesy of: Cole W


    People love me. Yes they do.
    People tell me I'm very attractive too.
    They call me names like the Silver Fox.
    Being famous really rocks.
    All the women that see me, swoon.
    And when they find out I'm single
    They feel like they're on the moon.
    My talents are acting and robbing casinos.
    I always wear suits and hang with my bros.
    My crew of eleven, they use their wit
    To get money in Vegas with my buddy Brad Pitt.
    I'm already rich and own seven homes.
    I'm so rich I only buy the soap that foams.
    The paparazzi love me and follow me around
    So much that I sometimes wonder how I am found.
    I'm 50 years old but I still look good.
    Guys wish they'd look like me, if only they could.
    Good looks like these are very rare.
    Most men wish they had my hair.
    If I wasn't as awesome as me,
    I wouldn't know what I'd do.
    I mean, seriously, people would pay a thousand dollars
    Just to own my shoe.

    A Fan of George:

    Look! It's George Clooney!
    He's such a hunk.
    If he had to take an ugly test
    I bet he would flunk.
    I can't believe this!
    He's less than 100 feet away!
    What do I do?!
    Oh what should I say?
    I could tell him I love him.
    Or would that sound crazy?
    I could serenade him with "I've Had the Time of My Life."
    Oh wait...I did that when I saw Patrick Swayze.
    Maybe I should just say "Hello."
    Or I could be hip and shout out "Yo!"
    Alas! I know what I'm going to say!
    I'll smoothly walk up and politely say "Hey."
    I'm going to do it.
    I promise, I will.
    This is my lifelong dream that I'm about to fulfill.
    I better hurry before I miss my chance!
    Boy, he is fit. I bet he can break dance.
    Oh no! I got distracted and now he's walking away!
    But his biceps are huge, I must say.
    I did it again! I must concentrate.
    I have to meet him so he can realize it's fate
    That we're meant to be together.
    Of this I'm quite sure.
    I bet this bad luck has nothing to do
    With my complete lack of allure.
    I guess I must follow him
    To wherever he'll go.
    Don't worry, I'll catch up.
    I'm not that slow.
    I've almost got him!
    Just a couple more yards.
    Thank heavens this guy doesn't travel with guards!
    My hand is on his shoulder, now he's turning around!
    I just might faint.
    I hope I don't hit the ground.
    He's saying "Hello."
    I think I'll say that as well.
    Oh my!
    He has a glorious smell!
    I let slip "I LOVE YOU!"
    What have I done?
    He must think I'm a lunatic!
    Maybe I should just run.
    Oh wait, what is this?
    He's saying it back?
    This is so strange.
    I think I'm having a panic attack!
    And right when he gets down on one knee...
    My alarm clock wakes me from that heavenly dream.

  35. Pit, pat, pit, pat
    All day, falling down,
    All around
    Collecting in puddles on the ground.
    Flowing, flowing,
    Never slowing,
    Always going
    Yet of my location,
    I'm always unknowing.

    Rain, rain, go away,
    That it what I'll sing today.
    I wish I could go out and play,
    But the sky just had to be dark and gray.
    We were supposed to go the the ballet,
    But sadly the rain just had to stay.
    So now all day,
    I'll have to say,
    I wish this rain would go away.

  36. You might not want to hear this,
    But in my heart, something is amiss.
    And I do believe its you, my dear,
    But hearing no is my deepest fear

    It’s been a long time that I’ve felt this way
    But I just can’t find the words to say.
    We’re like birds of a feather,
    Were we meant to be together?

    You’ve watched my best and seen my worst,
    For your charm, I’ve tumbled headfirst,
    The laughs and pain we have been through,
    Why isn’t it obvious to you?

    We’d stay up whispering all night
    And talk about our dreams of flight
    We really are two of a kind.
    Can you really be so blind?

    I want so badly for you to know,
    But I’m much too scared to tell you so.
    I think of you when I hear the love songs,
    Why isn’t it obvious to whom my heart belongs?

    You may not think that I’m the one,
    But when everything is said and done,
    A perfect pair, that’s you and me,
    Can’t you see everything we could be?

  37. Darkness

    Vast and sweeping as it spans over doorways and vacant staircases
    Enveloping and pitch black, promising the delivery of both dreams and nightmares
    Teasing and elusive with its winding shadows dripping down bare walls
    Peaceful and serene, blanketing the world in a silent slumber
    Secretive and protective, hiding all of those within it among the gloom
    The darkness; both friend and foe to all those who encounter it
    At times charming and picturesque
    Others, terrorizing and cumbersome
    But always unavoidable

  38. A walk in the Rain,
    There is really nothing quite like,
    This feeling of no pain,
    Not one worry,
    No need to hurry.
    Not a soul in sight,
    All alone in the storm,
    Not worrying about what's right,
    Completely out of the norm,
    Nothing to lose,
    Nothing to gain,
    A walk in the rain.

    Is that man crazy?
    Or just a fool?
    His mind may be a bit hazy,
    Or perhaps he hopes to appear cool?
    Rain soaking his clothes,
    His weak umbrella fighting,
    But the water continues to grow.
    Maybe he's depressed,
    Or possibly distressed?
    Maybe he is insane,
    Or maybe he just enjoys the rain.

  39. Soar and Sore

    In a dream I was a seagull
    My soul was filled with crystal light
    Lavender ribbons of wind blew
    Giving me strength and taking flight.

    I woke to find I had no wings
    I could not see the graceful shore,
    Left feeling senseless and hollow
    Yearning for the power to soar.

    All day recalling the lovely dream
    Looking down at the ocean floor.
    I will never be a seagull
    Reality hit, my spirit was sore.

    The birds above fly so freely
    Never tied down by obligations.
    I want to carelessly fly with them
    And every day pick a new destination.

    My soul is sore, my patience weak,
    All I want is to soar over the seven seas.

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  41. Twisting and bending to the notes of the score
    Jumping and landing feet firm on the floor
    Telling the story of a another day
    Tales of joy or sorrow in this ballet

  42. Handsome in Branson

    Walking is not my specialty
    Neither are barking or walking
    Sunglasses are not my style
    Neither are laughing or talking.

    But being in Missouri
    Is definitely my favorite
    Being in Missouri
    Is definitely my specialty.

    When I'm in Missouri
    I fell more handsome
    And I do feel more handsome
    When I'm in Branson.

    My tails wagging
    And my tongue is out
    Can you feel any better
    When you're top dog?

  43. The unnoticed champion

    I am there every game
    I play every minute
    I never get tired
    But I am the unnoticed champion

    Through the regular season
    Where we beat Creek, Regis
    And the rival Heritage
    I helped the team win
    By scoring every point
    But I am the unnoticed champion

    In the playoffs
    When the game was on the line
    I came through
    And scored the winning basket
    But I am the unnoticed champion

    The final game, the Championship
    Nobody thought of me
    They roared and screamed
    But never for me
    Because I am the unnoticed champion

    Our team was down by two
    The final seconds ticked down
    The arena was silent
    As hopes and I flew through the air
    Yet I was the unnoticed champion

    I won the game
    The arena exploded like a stampede of elephants
    As the fans rushed the court to celebrate
    I was left bouncing in the background
    No one came and picked me up
    As I rolled of the court
    The one who showed me love
    Was the janitor who came to pick me up
    And there I waited
    In the closet till next season
    Because I am the unnoticed champion

  44. Left Behind

    He stood there
    wind pushing him forward
    go its not too late
    only he knew
    he would be forgotten
    his pressence over looked
    he filled his lungs with the thick air
    clenched his fists
    looked up once more at the places turned around
    and walked home

  45. Dark chocolate, oh how i love it
    The felling I get when it melts on my tongue
    The perfect mix of sweet and bitter
    oh how i wish for more

    Every single moment
    from crinkling wrapper
    to the last morsel
    oh how is wish for more

    It brings back the memories
    of the good times in life
    surfing at the beach or running through the forest
    oh how i wish for more

  46. Secret: I hate Spaghetti

    I hate Spaghetti,
    Some people don't understand,
    They think it's a silly quirk,
    But my hatred and tragedy go hand in hand,
    When I was just a little younger,
    When I couldn't take a stand,
    Spaghetti was my enemy,
    It was too stringy, too saucy, too bland,
    But I was a poor boy,
    Forced to eat any food my family could land,
    Spaghetti was on my plate too often,
    I wouldn't expect you to understand,
    But to me it was like a prison cell,
    A reminder of how weak and poor I am,
    The noodles were a mockery,
    My life was a sham,
    Every time I ate that spaghetti,
    I was put in my prison cell once again,
    So don't offer me spaghetti,
    Because I want to break free,
    Want to feed my family more then those noodles,
    More than my family fed me.

  47. The life I live the acts I’ve made
    Those decisions hang over me like an ax blade
    The choices I’ve made right from wrong
    I write this poem the life I live is not to long

    I've been accused of a crime
    I know I will be put in for quite some time
    I accept the sentence because I know I'm guilty
    I sit here in this cell a 4 by 4 room that's grimy and filthy

    I can't revert on my past life
    I just wish I could have said I love you to my wife
    I will not see her or my son again
    A dreary idea that I cannot accept
    For what I did I do not deserve respect

    This sentence is a dam that I cannot remove
    I'm damned with this curse I will never move
    I wish I could see my children grow old
    But instead I'm here engulfed in a sea
    A sea of despair regret and repentance

    I know I'm facing the inevitable death sentence

  48. My love for Justin Bieber:

    I look at them with envious eyes,
    Those girls who profess their love.
    To the most glorious hottie of guys
    Anyone has ever heard of.

    He is the whole package deal.
    This boy can sing, dance, and look great.
    Justin Bieber is whom must steal,
    My heart and catch it fast like fish bait.

    I cannot love him with an open eager heart,
    For my friends will ridicule and mock,
    But I will always worship him for the most part
    If it wasn't for the gorgeous Selena Gomez he gawks.

    This is my secret that has kept me in isolation,
    If only I could share how
    Justin is my life and adoration.
    One day I will spill my secret I vow.
    But for now, it remains quiet.

  49. When I arrive at the airport, hotel or mall
    I feel as if I might begin to bawl
    The moving flight of stairs that lay in front of me
    Moving pedestrians from floor a to floor b
    It seems easy for people to ride
    However I just want to run and hide
    My mother forces me onto the stairs
    Like I'm being fed to a ferocious bear
    I am being moved upwards toward the sky
    I am about to cry
    Cry out to the human beings
    Who invented these atrocious things
    As I step off onto the solid tile
    My wart is beating as if I have run a mile
    Time to go home away from these terrors
    Of the escalators