Thursday, March 1, 2012

5th Hour Scribe Thursday March 1

Today we started with our grammar quiz then continued watching the first scene of the modern day interpretation of Romeo and Juliet. The modern day interpretation of Romeo and Juliet is very different from the classic interpretation. This version was more interesting as it was easier to relate to. It would be captivating to hear what Shakespeare would think of the modern day interpretation. Why is it that for something to be intriguing today it has to have more violence or be more graphic? Why can’t the message, the story, the feeling be enough? Today, why is it that the way the message is delivered seems to be more important than the message? At the same time, the human story from Shakespeare’s period still applies today, and maybe that is part of the power of Shakespeare in that he is able to capture the human condition and that is why we are studying him today. Afterwards the class began reading the play and we left off at Act 1 Scene 3.

Remember with the TCAP schedule, we do not have class again until Wednesday.


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Have a great three-day weekend!


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