Friday, February 24, 2012

Photograph Poem

Looking at your photograph, write a poem from two different perspectives. Write a poem as the person in the picture. Tap into your methods of figurative language exploring what this character might think, say, touch, feel, smell, and sound like.

Then, change direction. Be the outside observer viewing this person. Once again, tap into your methods of figurative language exploring what this character might think, say, touch, feel, smell, and sound like.

Don't be afraid to try and use some of the poetic devices we have studied. Maybe the two characters meet- what happens in the exchange.

Good luck!


  1. Picture Perfect

    Smiles spread like sparks
    in the dry heat of day
    People slip underneath the green foliage
    the shadows leaving their skin like dark silk
    Laughter is infectious;
    bubbling up from rosy young lips
    The summer bride shines
    from a happy light within
    Air is sweet with the joy of new beginnings
    and loss of childhood
    and remembering old memories

    The ancient eyes of the trees
    who hold in deep memory
    sights of picnics
    games of tag and hide-and-go-seek
    Now view the sacred union of love

    The photographer
    watches it all through his lens
    Until the perfect moment arises
    Beautiful bride and grinning girl
    captured forever
    in a moment of pure joy

  2. Child to Mountain

    Driving past the mountains
    I stare at them in awe
    Snow cascades around them
    Like glorious fountains

    Snow tickles me all over
    I just barely touch the sky
    Sun peaks out behind me
    I watch the world go by

  3. A hot summer’s day, sweltering as the street
    Laying under the trees, so I’m beating the heat
    A nice owner who treats me well
    A big bowl of water that’s quite swell
    Foliage from the wise above gently sweep across the floor
    Encasing me with shade galore!
    A happy dog, a happy life
    I’m just as good as a happy wife!
    This opportunity can’t be passed up
    She saunters by and say’s “what’s up?”
    I lead her eyes with my finger and say, “it’s our dog honey, he looks like no stray”
    Perhaps we should enter him in the contest and win the big K
    She says, “Oh no you don’t Phil,
    I won’t have you paying more attention to that canine than I ever will!”
    I friendly bound over to the arguing couple
    Eagerly waiting to lick her hand
    and prove to her I’m content in the sand

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  5. Forever Young


    Eight, nine, ten
    Ready or not here I come!
    Tiptoeing around the corner
    I quietly look behind the door
    I hear a chair leg squeak
    Wheeling around I yell
    My sister sprints into the next room
    I am shortly behind
    Seeing her dive under a blanket
    I run to get her, I can see
    A head of blond and two little eyes poking out
    Sliding in beside her we hear
    Look at me, smile!


    Peeking through her fingers I hear her count
    Eight, nine, ten
    Ready or not
    She looks around the corner
    Trying to contain her giggles
    Spotting her sister
    Running off to the living room
    Giggling and laughing
    Hiding under a blanket
    I must capture the moment
    I call to the blond duo, grab my camera

  6. The unnoticed champion

    I am there every game
    I play every minute
    I never get tired
    But I am the unnoticed champion

    Through the regular season
    Where we beat Creek, Regis
    And the rival Heritage
    I helped the team win
    By scoring every point
    But I am the unnoticed champion

    In the playoffs
    When the game was on the line
    I came through
    And scored the winning basket
    But I am the unnoticed champion

    The final game, the Championship
    Nobody thought of me
    They roared and screamed
    But never for me
    Because I am the unnoticed champion

    Our team was down by two
    The final seconds ticked down
    The arena was silent
    As hopes and I flew through the air
    Yet I was the unnoticed champion

    I won the game
    The arena exploded like a stampede of elephants
    As the fans rushed the court to celebrate
    I was left bouncing in the background
    No one came and picked me up
    As I rolled of the court
    The one who showed me love
    Was the janitor who came to pick me up
    And there I waited
    In the closet till next season
    Because I am the unnoticed champion

  7. From the Street Corner

    Smells spread like fires
    As people pass by
    This corner of the world
    Awakens with a sigh
    Coffee and morning cakes
    Are made by the vendors of the street
    And people stop and pay for them
    And hope for a treat
    But as the morning dawns
    And as the sunlight breaks
    One man sits on the street corner
    And waits-
    For the passerby to have a heart
    And lend a man some hope
    A dime, quarter, even a dollar
    Could help the man in need
    But everyone just passes by
    Without a fleeting glance

    The morning yawns
    As it wakes up
    And slaps me in the face
    I think to myself
    “I want to sleep,
    Not go to work”
    And, “Why should I get up?”
    But I drag myself from my warm bed
    And get dressed for another day
    But when I walk outside
    I get a sucker punch from God
    Because there’s a man out there
    Who has nothing-
    Nothing at all
    I take so much for granted
    And I truly didn’t see.
    So I gave the man a 50,
    And he grinned and thanked me
    And he said with a sad smile,
    “I’ve sat on these streets for many a year
    With no money nor a home
    And in all that time I’ve noticed
    How selfish people are
    Because when they have a home
    And clothes
    And food
    They give me none
    But when a man who’s homeless just like me
    Sits down with me for a while,
    We share a joke
    And love
    And hope
    And we are richer than anyone alone.”
    I walked away with a feeling in my heart
    That I was not rich, but poor in heart
    And that the poor man
    Was right

  8. The Tree of Wonder By the Sea

    Oh the usual same boring day
    I just wish someone would look my way!
    I mean I am the most dazzling tree on the block!
    Who would not want to stare and stalk?

    I live beside the ocean Pacific
    Which is truly marvelous and quite terrific.
    But yet no one desires to come and see me
    So instead they sit on the beaches of the sea!

    My job of the day,
    Consists of watching bratty toddlers who whine and play
    And the teenagers who cannot get enough
    Of admiring each other thinking their hot stuff.

    But what is this I see?
    A man with a camera is coming from across the sea!
    It appears he is coming towards me!
    I take a deep breath trying to look like a marvelous palm tree.

    He studies me up and down,
    And snaps a few pictures but then stares at them with a frown.
    Oh dear I think, as he beckons to a different man,
    Who is picking up something sharp that he dropped on the sand.

    I take in CO2 as I wait
    Wondering what could possibly be my fate.
    No! It cannot be!
    This man has started mincing my trunk with eyes filled with glee.

    I say goodbye to this repulsive beach,
    Maybe I will see it again in the near future.

    Forest Guide:

    Just another day on the job,
    Inspecting the California beaches that make my heart throb.
    There is absolutely no room to walk freely by the sea
    I am just about to turn around when I finally spotted my tree.

    Poor thing I think as I snap a few pictures on my phone,
    I have been sent to renew it with a handsomer tree, full grown.
    For this tree is wilting and old,
    No one cares to look at it for so it has been told.

    Well I better get this job done
    As I beckon to the tree chopper who breaks into a run
    "So is this the one?" he asks,
    I nod my head as he begins his task.

    We he finished, there was nothing there but a big gaping hole
    Where a marvelous tree once stood, healthy and whole.

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  10. The Race

    I push myself beyond what I've done before.
    I need to work as hard as those of lore.
    Make this day count, make the work pay off.
    Can't slow down, even though I cough.
    Make this race, this bib memorable.
    A personal record would be so pleasurable!

    Watch this runner fly down the course.
    Running, running faster than a horse.
    Participant Number 30, keep going.
    Screams and shouts keep the runner from slowing.
    Almost there, about to reach the finish line.
    With that great time, this runner cannot whine

  11. Peaceful, Still

    The breeze is cool against my skin
    The sand warm beneath my feet, still hot from the suns glow
    My hair taken up by the wind, dancing about my shoulders
    Glinting gold in the dying sunlight
    An endless sonnet of waves splashing up the shore, then swimming slowly back to sea
    Clouds flicker across the sky like comforting arms, encircling the sun, asking it to retire and come home
    Blue sky peeks from behind dark shadows, saying goodnight to another day gone
    My eyes are drooping, tired and wind strained
    My skin is rough and raw from the baking rays of the sun, tanning my skin
    Beads of water dance on my fingertips, licking my bare arms
    I see deep orange spill across the darkening sky
    And know it is time for me to head home
    For the night is young
    As I trudge up the beach for the last time that day
    I look back
    A sudden rush of wind stinging my eyes and blowing my hair out behind me
    The waves whisper goodnight
    The sun begs me to stay
    The morning will come again shortly
    Calling me again to the sea
    Forever speaking my name...

    Her silhouette struck out across the orange sky
    Her hair flying out around her bare shoulders
    A small smile growing on her lips
    The sun hung low in the air engulfed by clouds
    Blue sky shimmering lightly on the water
    She stood alone
    Motionless and still
    Her eyes tired and small, but a smile still set on her lips
    She turned slowly as if to go
    But then spun around swiftly, as if se had heard someone call her name
    Stay, stay...
    She smiled again at the sea
    Those tired eyes longing to stay
    But she would be back
    Not tomorrow
    Never again today
    But she would be back
    LAter than she believed
    Someday again she would be home
    Again with the promise of the ever present sea

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  13. Photograph: A Rose

    From the Rose:

    My delicate petals
    Showered with dew
    Folding this way and that
    My many personalities
    Just for you.

    I am a sparkling ruby
    The color of bloodshed
    But that is not my message
    I come with passionate romance
    I am Rose the Red.

    I am a sliced watermelon
    Two lovers link
    A soft, sweet love for you
    I honor you; I admire
    I am Rose the Pink.

    I am the light of the earth
    Sincere, yet mellow
    I am for happiness
    Not romance, but friendship
    I am Rose the Yellow.

    I am the freshly fallen snow
    For those who gave up the fight
    I remember the end
    I celebrate the start
    I am Rose the White.

    Although I have more colors
    This poem comes to a close
    Whether romance, remembrance, or friendship
    I am a love itself
    I am the Rose.

    To the Rose:

    I walk alone down the path
    Wet with the smell of a forgotten rain
    When I see a crimson rose
    It makes me think about the pain.

    My heart feels heavy
    As I stare at the bloody red
    I think of the pain I caused her
    And I'm shaky with regret.

    Regret turns to anger
    And I'm filled with rage
    The red reminds me of her independence
    I was her property, trapped in a cage.

    The dark crimson of the petals
    Suddenly fills me with fear
    The darkness I felt when she left me
    I'm still stuck in the dark years.

    I try to remember the lighter years
    And I see them in the rose's pink
    I really did love her
    And she loved me, I think.

    Then the brightness of the cherry red jumps right out at me
    It reminds me of the happiness I felt when we met
    But my eyes fall down to the unwelcoming thorns
    And back comes the fear, anger, and regret.

    Then the rose withers
    Right before my eyes
    It turns to a lifeless purple
    And I understand that the past has died.

    A pink bud begins in its place
    Not yet wet with tears of dew
    Happiness fills within me, and I smile
    As I begin my life anew.

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  15. Picture: Determination, the feeling you get right before you do something incredibly stupid

    From Person:
    Yes! A fish!
    But what's on the line?
    Hey! Get off!
    This my fish you fool!
    You did not catch it
    If I've reeled it in.
    This is bad, but still,
    I'll get it anyway.
    That bear is nothing,
    I'll beat right down.
    My intelligence is greater
    Than that very large beast.
    I'll get closer,
    Just take it right out of it's mouth.
    Oh no,
    I've made such a grave mistake.
    That bear is bigger
    Than I originally thought.
    It saw what I thought
    And is heading this way.
    It's really big but I want my fish.
    Oh no, that's a mistake.

    From Spectator:
    What is this crazy picture?
    Oh I get it!
    This guy has problems,
    Of this I have no doubt
    The bigger one though,
    Is what he's got on the line!
    To take a fish from a bear
    One simply does not do.
    But he is going for it,
    With a determination unknown.
    This is true, in fact,
    To receive determination
    Before something goes wrong.
    What a life truth,
    A sight for all to enjoy

  16. Let’s walk by the beach, just you and me.
    Let’s dream of perfect harmony.
    Shall we ponder the beauty of this Oregon coast?
    Shall we relish in its unequaled glory, foremost?

    Let’s perform for the people, just you and me.
    Let’s crash, then roll, then put them to sleep,
    With our rolling and singing that’s hard to deny,
    Let us quiet their hearts like a lullaby.

    Let’s listen to the song the ocean now sings,
    And bask in the peace its gentleness brings.
    Let’s lie on the beach, and glance all around,
    Before we fall asleep, safe, happy and sound.

    The day is now done, we relax and sleep too.
    We take a break from performing, very similarly to you.
    Instead of crashing and yelling and rolling,
    Let us sit here and wait for the upcoming morning.

  17. Holding on To Love

    The Mother:
    Life is precious
    So stay by my side
    Little darling
    Don't ever grow up

    You came into my life
    So innocent
    So pure
    Promise not to leave me

    Hold on tight
    Life may get bumpy
    But just remember
    I will always be here for you

    When things get rough
    When your heart gets broken
    Come back to me with the pieces
    And we will patch it back together

    My love will never die for you
    Little One
    Promise to hold on to me
    As long as you can

    The Photographer:
    A mother and her child
    She caresses the little hand
    Of the one she loves
    Their love holds them tightly together

    Soon, things will change
    The classic story
    Child moves on, but
    Mother can't bare the thought of moving on

    She wants to always be the protection
    But doesn't realize
    How little she really knows
    About her child

    When things get rough
    The child comes back
    For comfort
    And for security

    One thing will
    Never change, though
    The mother will always be there
    For her child when she needs it most

  18. Photograph- Wrecked Ferrari 458 Italia on fire


    I’m on fire!
    My interior set ablaze
    The wheels melting below
    Smoke rising from every crack in the metal

    As I climbed the ever treacherous hill
    My engine said to stop
    And slow down so it can catch its breath
    But I said no, keep going!

    Nearing the peak you said no more
    And caught on fire to say “I am done”
    My glass melting and cracking in the intense heat
    The canvas roof gone in an instant

    Your Italian engineering could not contain
    This ever impending fate
    My two-hundred thirty-eight thousand dollars worth of body
    Caught up in flame


    My car!
    I pushed you too far didn’t I?
    Did I rev your engine too much?
    Was I showing you off more than I needed to?
    Your red, glossy paint excited me
    And I just could not resist
    Climbing that beautiful mountain in Switzerland
    On a hot, summer day
    Temptation led to over exaggeration
    And you caught ablaze in front of me
    And I realized, you super expensive car
    You will never be driven again

  19. From the dog:

    Walking is not my specialty
    Neither are barking or walking
    Sunglasses are not my style
    Neither are laughing or talking.

    But being in Missouri
    Is definitely my favorite
    Being in Missouri
    Is definitely my specialty.

    When I'm in Missouri
    I fell more handsome
    And I do feel more handsome
    When I'm in Branson.

    My tails wagging
    And my tongue is out
    Can you feel any better
    When you're top dog?

    From the person/viewer:

    Hold still
    Will you?
    I'm just trying
    To take a picture
    For God's sake.
    Here put on this
    Branson hat
    And these sunglasses
    Now you'll look cool.
    Okay now almost-
    No, keep those sunglasses
    They're falling off.
    Now the
    Picture has
    been taken
    I told you
    To hold still.

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  21. Bonded

    Sibling's perspective:

    Bonded by childhood
    My brothers and I
    As we watch the waves
    Recede and pass by

    Times come and go
    But this I will remember
    Those faces I know
    Times spent together

    Traveling around the world
    Sharing experiences
    That soon become curled
    Each others accomplices

    Mischievous siblings
    Sharing memories abound
    Given many blessings
    We all have been crowned

    Bestowed upon with love and kindness
    Blessed with your majesty and highness
    For these are the virtues
    Siblings share
    As the year continues
    All is not fair

    But for now we stand
    Hand in hand
    Bound together
    Loved forever

    Bonded by childhood
    My brothers and I
    As we watch the waves
    Recede and pass by

    Photographer's Perspective:

    Perfect opportunity
    To catch this shot
    To preserve it forever
    Never lost in time
    Forever they will treasure it
    This image speaks
    Of the love and compassion
    That brotherhood brings

  22. Picture: A boy being flipped around in the air by his father in the ocean.

    Here I go!
    Up in the air, without a fright.
    I think I’m flying, I’ve never felt so light.
    All of a sudden, my head is upside down,
    Where am I going? I’m spinning around!
    Now I remember, the water is below,
    My father was the one who started the throw.
    Next thing I know, I make a splash,
    Lets do it again, that was a blast!

    What is this, to which I am a witness?
    Man, that kid is the king of fitness!
    Who told them to flip the boy?
    Is this the only way they find joy?
    It’s incredible that this is safe,
    I wouldn’t try it, even if paid.
    Either way, it truly looks spectacular,
    The only way to describe it in my vernacular.
    Maybe after the trick is done,
    I can meet the father, and the son.

  23. The Bird-
    The wind whistles
    The storm swells
    The street now flooded below
    I watch the chaos
    In muddled waters

    What a view

    Its almost peaceful
    Just the sound of crashing waves
    Clouds roll in
    But up here I am safe

    Why turn back now

    A person driving by-

    Frosty glass
    My only protection
    While cold wind whips by my window
    Its hard to tell where the road ends
    Or where the ocean begins

    The water swallows the sand
    Who knows where its been
    Who knows where it is headed
    Each swell draws me in
    I press my face up against the glass

    I don't try to question
    The quiet awe of the storm
    One lone stoplight
    Under a troubled sky
    Its exciting
    Its peaceful

  24. Photograph: Lollipop

    Summer breeze passes,
    blue sky shines bright.
    Going from sunshine to crystal clear night.
    Hearing laughter from above,
    from a sweet little voice
    bells ring out.
    A need fills me,
    a want to be free.
    To create a memory, soft and sweet.
    Up comes my get-away car
    with hopeful eyes and pleading tone.
    "Mommy, can I have one? Pretty please?"
    A smile forms on the woman’s face.
    A joyful squeal and I am home.
    Another day has been brightened.

    A perfect sunny day-
    birds chirping, the park is serene.
    Timmy runs wild, enjoying the freedom.
    Round the bend, past the old oak the candy cart waits.
    The daily battle will be easy.
    The lighthearted feeling makes my decision easy.
    Timmy, with eyes wide as melons reaches the place of kids' dreams.
    "Mommy, can I have one? Pretty please?"
    As he runs off with glee, my day has been brightened.

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  26. A tiny creature, a child,
    brings me so much joy.
    Her careless smile is
    a light in a dark world.
    I sit here reading a book to her
    thinking about how much I love her.
    She is just a child.
    She doesn’t know what is
    outside my embrace,
    but I will protect her.
    There is nothing,
    that can make me happier
    than being this precious girl’s

    There will be a time.
    A time when this bubbly toddler
    may not be so happy to be sitting next to her dad.
    There will be a time.
    A time when instead of laughs being shared,
    it will be loud words of anger.
    This little girl doesn’t yet realize what she has.
    A caring father, who will always be there
    no matter what hardships come her way.
    The never ending love.
    There will be a time.
    A time when this without-a-care kid,
    maybe walking down the aisle,
    or when she leaves for college,
    that she will truly be grateful
    for this man’s love.
    Their bond is forever.
    This captured moment is just the beginning.

  27. Picture- Little girl swinging on a swing at dusk

    I wish I were a bird
    to fly away from here,
    The trees below like a postcard
    proving where I've been
    and where I want to go,
    The sunset in the distance
    sprouting the color of my future,
    Oh, I wish I were a bird
    to fly away from here

    Just a small girl on a swing,
    The world in her hands,
    The best days are ahead,
    The way she speaks,
    The way she thinks,
    Her future is all so bright,
    What the imagination seeks,
    She's capable to not shrink,
    Everything to come, is higher than a kite,
    Just a small girl on a swing,
    The world in her hands,
    The best days are ahead

  28. 1st POV

    I sit here
    Just to be loved
    To feel attached
    To know that someone cares
    But instead I wait, and want and wish
    No one understands what it’s like
    The others, they don’t care about me
    Only about themselves and their own business
    I just want to be apart of something
    Something bigger then just this house and me
    Maybe I am though
    Because kids see me everyday
    They call to their moms to come look at me
    I live in the zoo, with thousands of other animals
    But I am loved, by those kids who call out my name
    By the zookeepers that take care of me
    And the doctors that keep me healthy
    I may just be a snow leopard, but I am loved
    So no more wishing and wanting and waiting for something else

    2nd POV

    The tiger sits in the back corner all by himself
    I don’t understand why he looks so sad
    He has the most beautiful eyes
    A soft, bright blue
    He seems so intriguing, yet so calm
    Watching him is like a dream
    Untamed and wild, yet soft and understanding
    He must hate it in there
    Just him, all alone
    I can’t seem to tear my eyes away from him
    Yet I know that I must leave
    But to walk away from something so beautiful
    Seems like torture, unfathomable
    It must happen though
    And when it does, it will be
    The end

  29. Fox's Point of View-

    "Yum" my tail tastes good.
    It kinda tastes like wood.

    "Wait" is that a bunny over there,
    or could it be a small bear?

    "Hmm" should I go and check it out?
    I will have to plan my route.

    "Well..." which way should I go?
    I will have to move slow.

    "Yes!" It is a bunny.
    Now isn't that funny.

    "Hm" Should I attack from behind?
    I don't think it is blind.

    "I know," I will go at it from the right.
    I only want one bite.

    "Yum." The rest I will save for dinner,
    After all, I need to become thinner.

    Observer's Point of View-

    That fox is acting like a dog.
    Is he standing on a bog?

    His tail is not for eating,
    it looks like he is sinking.

    Wait, he's frozen.
    There is a bunny that he has chosen.

    He isn't moving a muscle,
    It doesn't look like he is in a hustle.

    He pounced,
    and it looks like he bounced.

    He only took one bite,
    I hope not out of spite.

    He's dragging it off,
    Probably to his trough.

  30. I want to get away from this place
    A place where there is no hate
    I want to have a honey
    with lots and lots of money
    so I am never put into debt
    oh that would cause such a fret
    I want to get out of this place

    She sits as if the world means nothing
    while are kids are asleep hushing
    I wish I could be like that
    not careing what the world was about
    she looks so caring
    others wouldn't know that because they are to busy glaring
    they are jealous of her ways
    because their world is stuck in a craze.

  31. Troy Golding
    Photograph Poem

    Sea Turtle

    Roaming around the vast sea
    Putting on a show for tourists staring at me
    The water is blue like the sky
    I swim along with a sigh

    Dodging people to stay afloat
    If i don’t keep my eyes open I might get hit by a boat
    I wait along for when the night comes
    I can finally rest and listen to boats hums

    These people will not give me a break
    Settle down for goodness sake
    Roaming around the vast seas
    I finally have a moment to be at ease

    Sea Turtle

    A gentle sea turtle I see cruising
    Probably looking for food and perusing
    He is probably feeling calm
    As if in the wind like a palm
Gliding through the salty water
    Probably wondering if the weather can get much hotter
    That turtle has such a gorgeous shell
    For a good price it could sell

    There is something I know that turtle has to tell
    It is shown on his face as loud as a bell
    There he goes swimming away
    I hope to see him again someday

  32. POV 1-
    They say it's all so great.
    The tours
    The lights
    The fans
    All I wanted was the music.
    But it has become so much more.
    I never wanted any of this
    Don't they see
    I am more than this.
    I am human.
    But not to them.
    They say it's all so great.

    POV 2-
    That's them
    Sitting there
    Living, breathing legends
    I am hoarse from screaming
    Is this really happening?
    There they are
    What should I do?
    They are legends.
    I am nothing to them.
    They are everything.

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  34. Dark grey clouds
    Steadily rising on the horizon
    Releasing millions of drops
    Hurtling towards the earth
    Pounding, bouncing, splashing
    Murky, dirty, scummy water
    Struggling down the gutters towards the drain
    All of the raindrops hard work in vain
    Water rises fast, steadily
    Surging along riverbanks
    Out to the ocean
    To start all over again

    Rain pounds against our shutters
    Leaks down the windows
    Sends the fragrant aroma of cleanliness throughout the house
    We grab boots and coats,
    Rush out the door
    Splash our way through the underwater garden
    That is the front yard
    The sky is bleak and oppressing
    And yet, beautiful and free
    We drift asleep
    To the lullaby of nature


    Everything is still
    As I crouch there
    Waiting to be released
    The rough track against my fingers

    Suddenly the silence is pierced with a cry
    “SET!” the official shouts
    As if we are robots
    We rise in unison

    Now the air is tense
    The wait is unbearable
    Suddenly, with a shot
    We all bolt forward

    The race has begun
    I fall into place behind the leader
    Waiting to make my move
    Waiting to pass

    The world has suddenly gone silent
    I can only hear the pounding
    The pounding of feet
    And of my heart

    Then the burn sets in
    It slowly creeps up my legs
    Into my lungs
    Into my head

    I can see the finish line
    We are neck and neck
    I push forward
    So does he

    I feel as if I can’t go on
    But I must
    I give everything I have
    And I move faster

    I am almost there
    Thirty feet
    I can hear him behind me
    Twenty feet

    With a desperate push I surge forward
    I feel as if I will die
    Finally, I am finished
    I have won

    It starts as a trickle of sound
    The cheering of the crowd
    Only then do I realize
    I have been deaf to the world around me

    All is silent as I wait for the start
    “SET!” the official shouts
    Another unbearable pause
    Then the shot, the race has begun

    I watch as they all fall into position
    Faster and faster they go
    Some start to fall away
    Others increase their speed all the more

    I watch as the leader breaks away
    My son right on his heels
    Faster and faster
    As they approach the final stretch

    I can tell they are tired
    But neither will give up
    My son starts to pass the leader
    They are neck and neck

    They are both on the verge of collapse
    But neither will
    The distance is growing
    My son has pulled away

    As he nears the line
    He gives one final push
    It is finished
    He has won

    Only after this do I begin to hear
    I hear the cheers and screams
    Fellow spectators cheering them on
    But I had not heard their shouts

    I guess I was running right beside him
    Running with him
    Cheering him on
    Deaf to the world around me

    There is something peaceful about it
    About the silence during a race
    People shout at the top of their lungs
    But I do not hear them

    I am too focused
    To determined to care
    My eyes are on one thing alone
    The Finish Line

  36. My Love/Hate for Snow

    Watching the snow fall,
    They are white and beautiful,
    Each one different.

    It turns the sky ordinary gray
    The gray of that sweater that I tugged
    Over my face to keep me warm.
    Snow lies
    It's white, glistening glitter gives us
    A false impression of a clean untainted world
    And when warmer weather approaches,
    On the spring breeze the snow cowers
    And runs away down storm drains,
    Exposing the dead grass and withered flowers.
    Snow prevents plans with friends,
    And keeps us inside
    In stuffy basements where we take the weight off our feet on itchy sofas
    And wait for something to come on TV.
    So I sit here looking out.

  37. Busy Busy

    Such is the life of the city…

    The constant roar
    People talking
    Sirens wailing
    Car horns beeping

    The aromatics
    Fresh brewed coffee
    Cheesy pizza
    Hot oven bread

    The sights
    Buildings sky high
    People bustling
    Wind swaying trees

    Oh busy busy is the life of the city

    Yet from afar

    With lights twinkling
    Sky turned fiery
    Buildings touch sky

    It looks peaceful,
    Picturesque, calm
    And oh so still

    How could a life in the city be so busy?

  38. Man's Best Friend

    I cannot ever tell you
    Just what you mean to me,
    But when you pat my golden head
    My love for you you quickly see.

    Oh dog, your silly lop-eared head
    Your sweet brown chocolate eyes,
    I love you snuggled next to me
    I feel sharp pain at each goodbye.

    If I could sacrifice my life
    To save a friend so pure
    I would a million thousand times
    And a million thousand more.

    They say that you are man’s best friend-
    You’re more than that to me,
    I love you as wind loves the birds
    As forests love their trees.

    You’re on two legs and me on four,
    And as different as we are,
    We both have ears and eyes and hearts
    Though I’ll have shorter years by far.

    I cannot ever tell you, dog,
    Just what a friend you are,
    And though you’ve left me lonely here,
    I know you’re never far.

  39. Michael Phelps haiku – From Phelps

    My eighth gold
    Puts me into history
    As the best ever

    From his fan

    What a special sight
    To see this swimmer succeed
    And re-write history

  40. Beauty and the Beast: Outside

    Beastly burned, whithered and worn waits the wise barn.
    Disfigured with scars and splinters, it warns.
    Trying to escape the consequences of life,
    There is no more bitter plight.
    Standing through fierce blizzards and burning summers,
    It waits to teach the lost and lonely newcomers.

    Despite the drudgery of this dismal landscape,
    A delicate darling daisy creates delight’s drape.
    Many shinning petals spread around its dark center.
    Pure as gold is stands without a like mentor.
    Aside the burned barn, a diamond in the ruff,
    Waiting through thick and thin, so it’s tough.

    Standing aside each other, beauty and the beast.
    Having little in common to say the least.
    One waiting to be remembered and restored,
    The other to be seen and adored.
    Still together they stand, supporting each other.
    Waiting together, sister with brother.

    Birth of Beauty: Inside

    Drops of sunlight’s rain shimmers from the skies.
    Penetrating the dark dirt to a sleeping seed it flies.
    -To a seedling waiting to be awakened

    As a yawning newborn graces the world with her smiles,
    A daisy breathes life into the countryside for miles.
    -Shinning spring’s light

    Growing, growing till green sprouts break into the light.
    Soaking in the sunshine, its rays of delight.
    -Reaching leafy arms to the sun

    Days passing, sunshine and rain.
    The little daisy lives without pain.
    -Knowing only the good and right

    Now blooming and blooming, reaching petals to the sun.
    They spread in all directions, not missing one.
    -Becoming God’s beauty

    But summertime fades, autumn chill replacing it.
    Petals drooping, dropping because of it.
    -Beauty fading into oblivion

    Dry petals, cracking leaf, and broken stems,
    Oh my little beauty, what has become of them.
    -Young beauty’s season has fled with the season

  41. The picture is of an old man staring into the camera.

    My name’s John gross,
    I think the camera’s too close.
    Wait, you took the shot?
    A smile, that’s what I forgot.
    Can you take another?
    Remember to take off the cover!
    Okay, I hope this one is better.
    No, that time I looked like a leper.

    I’m just a simple photographer.
    But this old grandfather?
    I don’t know if I can get through this!
    I’m starting to lose my wits!
    A smile you forgot?
    What? Are you on pot?
    Who even talks like that?
    Stop acting like a brat!
    Stop complaining! You’re at least 92!
    Your life expectancy is overdue!

  42. A walk in the Rain,
    There is really nothing quite like,
    This feeling of no pain,
    Not one worry,
    No need to hurry.
    Not a soul in sight,
    All alone in the storm,
    Not worrying about what's right,
    Completely out of the norm,
    Nothing to lose,
    Nothing to gain,
    A walk in the rain.

    Is that man crazy?
    Or just a fool?
    His mind may be a bit hazy,
    Or perhaps he hopes to appear cool?
    Rain soaking his clothes,
    His weak umbrella fighting,
    But the water continues to grow.
    Maybe he's depressed,
    Or possibly distressed?
    Maybe he is insane,
    Or maybe he just enjoys the rain.

  43. I feel happy
    Free never the less
    My opportunities are never ending.
    Envision the joy in life
    That’s what I do.
    I imagine I am flying through the air
    As a bird flies through the open midst
    All my worries have disappeared
    And for once I can just keep running
    I am forever young.

    Young feels like forever ago
    My paradise has perished
    I remember all the opportunities that were placed before me
    I set aside my goals to pursuit a fantasy not worth living for
    Now I am growing old
    There is no soul left inside
    Only emptiness drives through me.
    I want to be like that girl
    Running free, not having a care in the world
    I soon will accomplish new triumphs.
    Victories will be in my favor
    And through eternity I will breathe young once again.

  44. Picture- Ballet dancers

    Twisting and bending to the notes of the score
    Jumping and landing feet firm on the floor
    Telling the story of a another day
    Tales of joy or sorrow in this ballet

  45. The Audition

    The Student:

    I have practiced every day
    I have cried and bled
    I have triumphed
    I know the steps
    I know the dance
    I know I can do this
    I will get the part
    I will wow the judge
    I will become what I’ve dreamed
    I need to make my parents proud
    I need to prove myself
    I need to be perfect
    I can be perfect.

    The Teacher:

    She had to pay attention
    She had to work harder
    She had not tried enough
    She knew it would be hard
    She knew her chance was small
    She knew she couldn’t do it
    She would not make it
    She would go back where she came
    She would not stand out
    She needed to be the best
    She needed to practice more
    She needed to be perfect
    She could not be perfect.

  46. Mona Lisa

    I am Mona Lisa
    I am kind and understanding
    I am compassionate
    I am the one with the eyes saying I’ve been there
    I am the one with the tired hands saying I’ve struggled too
    I am the one who says things will get better
    I am Mona Lisa

    She is Mona Lisa
    She is the one with the mysterious smile
    She is the one with the elitist attitude
    She is the one who looks down upon you
    She is the one with sovereignty
    She is Mona Lisa

    I am Mona Lisa
    I am the one with the undefined expression
    I am the one always watching you
    I am the one who you will never understand
    I am the one who knows you
    I am the one who can smell your perfume
    I am Mona Lisa

  47. Mount Rushmore
    I always see them staring
    only at night do they cease their glaring
    Then it is just the three of us
    reflecting on the days rush
    At 8 AM it all begins again
    whether it be sunshine or rain
    the other three Presidents agree
    That all we wish to do is flee
    We want to escape from the constant stares
    because no longer can we bare
    this continuous torture since 1939
    We were meant to be a shrine
    but were turned into a tourist trap
    placed somewhere on the map
    Into the side of a mountain four Presidents were carved
    There is a lack of realization that we are being starved
    from a peaceful afterlife
    spent entirely with the wife
    Instead we are forced to live our days
    in the hot sun’s gaze
    waiting for a day when we can rest
    from the public’s eye; only then will we be blessed
    Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, and I all know
    we will never be anything but a part of Mount Rushmore

  48. Soldier and Daughter

    Daddy’s not home right now
    Mommy says he’s fighting
    She said he’ll be home soon.

    My country is at stake
    I am protecting my country
    My friends
    My family
    My daughter.

    I miss my daddy
    I miss how he picks me up
    And spins me around.
    I miss his cooking
    And the way he makes pasta.

    I miss my family
    And my home.
    I miss my daughter’s drawings
    And her crazy stories,
    And even playing tea party with her dolls.

    When I see Daddy again
    I’ll tell him about my lost tooth
    And how I read Green Eggs and Ham all by myself.
    I’ll show him my drawings from school
    And the doll Grandma got me for Christmas.

    My mission is simple
    People will die in the process
    But not me
    I will go home to my family
    Hug them
    And never let go.

  49. Picture: George Clooney
    Courtesy of: Cole W


    People love me. Yes they do.
    People tell me I'm very attractive too.
    They call me names like the Silver Fox.
    Being famous really rocks.
    All the women that see me, swoon.
    And when they find out I'm single
    They feel like they're on the moon.
    My talents are acting and robbing casinos.
    I always wear suits and hang with my bros.
    My crew of eleven, they use their wit
    To get money in Vegas with my buddy Brad Pitt.
    I'm already rich and own seven homes.
    I'm so rich I only buy the soap that foams.
    The paparazzi love me and follow me around
    So much that I sometimes wonder how I am found.
    I'm 50 years old but I still look good.
    Guys wish they'd look like me, if only they could.
    Good looks like these are very rare.
    Most men wish they had my hair.
    If I wasn't as awesome as me,
    I wouldn't know what I'd do.
    I mean, seriously, people would pay a thousand dollars
    Just to own my shoe.

    A Fan of George:

    Look! It's George Clooney!
    He's such a hunk.
    If he had to take an ugly test
    I bet he would flunk.
    I can't believe this!
    He's less than 100 feet away!
    What do I do?!
    Oh what should I say?
    I could tell him I love him.
    Or would that sound crazy?
    I could serenade him with "I've Had the Time of My Life."
    Oh wait...I did that when I saw Patrick Swayze.
    Maybe I should just say "Hello."
    Or I could be hip and shout out "Yo!"
    Alas! I know what I'm going to say!
    I'll smoothly walk up and politely say "Hey."
    I'm going to do it.
    I promise, I will.
    This is my lifelong dream that I'm about to fulfill.
    I better hurry before I miss my chance!
    Boy, he is fit. I bet he can break dance.
    Oh no! I got distracted and now he's walking away!
    But his biceps are huge, I must say.
    I did it again! I must concentrate.
    I have to meet him so he can realize it's fate
    That we're meant to be together.
    Of this I'm quite sure.
    I bet this bad luck has nothing to do
    With my complete lack of allure.
    I guess I must follow him
    To wherever he'll go.
    Don't worry, I'll catch up.
    I'm not that slow.
    I've almost got him!
    Just a couple more yards.
    Thank heavens this guy doesn't travel with guards!
    My hand is on his shoulder, now he's turning around!
    I just might faint.
    I hope I don't hit the ground.
    He's saying "Hello."
    I think I'll say that as well.
    Oh my!
    He has a glorious smell!
    I let slip "I LOVE YOU!"
    What have I done?
    He must think I'm a lunatic!
    Maybe I should just run.
    Oh wait, what is this?
    He's saying it back?
    This is so strange.
    I think I'm having a panic attack!
    And right when he gets down on one knee...
    My alarm clock wakes me from that heavenly dream.

  50. Photograph - Falling rain

    Pit, pat, pit, pat
    All day, falling down
    All around
    Collecting in puddles
    On the ground.
    Flowing, flowing
    Never slowing
    Always going
    Yet of my location
    I'm always unknowing.

    Rain, rain, go away
    That it what I'll sing today.
    I wish I could go out and play
    But the sky just had to be dark and gray.
    We were supposed to go the the ballet
    But sadly the rain just had to stay.
    So now all day
    I'll have to say
    I wish this rain would go away.

  51. The Canyon

    The canyon is my home
    The sand is my bed
    The starry sky is my roof
    And the sunshine lights my world.
    I will never feel such a feeling
    As warm as the desert sun
    I will never see such a sight
    as the piercing stars at night
    I will never hear such a sound
    as the breathing beneath the earth
    I will never be more at peace
    As long as the canyon is my home.

    The canyon is her home
    The cactus were her decorations
    The animals were her friends
    The sunset was her inspiration.
    She seemed to never feel a feeling
    As freeing as the majestic wind
    She seemed to never see a sight
    As enchanting as the sunrise
    She seemed to never hear a sound
    As beautiful as the birds
    One would hope she'd stay at peace
    As long as the canyon was her home.

  52. The Hallway:

    One hundred and fifty years
    My walls of plaster have been home to many
    The ill, the delirious
    I soon replaced those who left with others

    One hundred and fifty years
    Documented in the lenses of photographers
    Witnessed by curious onlookers
    But never seen as those who resided here

    One hundred and fifty years
    My foundation has begun to crumble
    Though my memories have remained intact
    I will never forget the patients who once called me home

    One hundred and fifty years
    Nightmares occurred here once upon a time
    Already fragile existences were broken
    A quiet calm is all that fills this hallway now

    One hundred and fifty years
    And now the end is drawing near

  53. Dark chocolate, oh how I love it
    The feeling I get when it melts on my tongue
    The perfect mix between sweet and bitter
    oh how i wish for more

    every single moment
    from cricking wrapper
    to tasting the last morsel
    oh how i wish for more

    It brings back the memories
    of the good times of life
    surfing on the beach or running through the forest
    oh how i wish for more

  54. FDR
    The Great Depression is reckless
    This Great Depression is ill
    Our last hope lies in the creation of the New Deal

    The federal government has to spread it's aid
    I have to help those in need I have to start a agency crusade
    The unemployed is were I'll start
    The CCC, CWA, and WPA will do there jobs and aid there heart

    What about the farmers I have to put them back on their feet
    The NRA and AAA will make sure they're able to grow corn and wheat
    No child will be seen working and there will be a minimum wage
    People will not work ridiculous hours
    I will fix this nations mess on the nations stage

    The SEC, FHA and HOLC are new
    But They will do there part and are part of my alphabet stew
    And don't forget USHA, PWA, NWA or NLRB
    Because they are significant organizations
    These are my solutions for these situations

    This will be hard it's like a test
    But this is what separates me from the rest
    I will fight, this will not stand
    I will do what I can with my own two hands

  55. Viewer
    Look at those kids look at his face
    He must be thinking what a disgrace
    Poor old man he's lost all control and respect
    All those kids is something he probably regrets

    Ohh my gosh why are each of them holding a sign
    Are they protesting or do they rhyme?
    No No that's not it, maybe it's a game they play
    Poor old man he must be having a terrible day

    Wait, Wait those are just my observations
    I know what this
    is it's FDR and his organizations
    FDR was so great he fixer our nation
    How could I make such a ridiculous accusation

    I'm so sorry FDR for what I said
    I should just be quite and go off to bed
    I have to rethink I have to recoup
    I should have known it was alphabet soup

  56. Picture Perfect:

    Photographer –

    All is motionless,
    Only sound that can be heard
    Is the swelling breeze.

    Seeing the colors,
    All the hues of the rainbow
    Blue, green, white and brown.

    Leaves are rustling
    In the trees all around me.
    Turning red and gold.

    Mountain –

    Feeling everything,
    All humming with energy
    All is flourishing.

    Thriving and growing.
    Icy cold water rushing.
    Ebbing and flowing.

    My colors to see,
    All the hues of the rainbow,
    Snow falls gently.