Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smith 3 Scribe 2/1

Hello class!!! Did you all enjoy sleeping in? I sure did! The first topic of discussion was our wiki essay. You are required to address what have we learned, what haven't we learned, and where are we going? Mrs. Smith is allowing us a week in class to work on, February 14 being the last in class work day and then the essay's due date is February 21. The complete requirements have not been reviewed, but Mrs. Smith briefly explained that for the first two body paragraphs (have learned and haven't learned) you need 4 quotes: 2 from 1984 and 2 from Little Brother. The last body paragraph (where are we going) is going to be supported by media evidence (links, audio, video, etc.). Remember that this electronic paper is worth 200 points. Part of your homework is to brainstorm ideas for the body paragraphs. It is up to you how to complete this task; an outline or maybe just finding quotes. If you are having some trouble coming up with some ideas, here is the link from or in class discussion of these topics. We will also go over our brainstorming in class!
Next on the schedule was tips for our CSAP packet. This week the packet deals with poetry. Here are some hints!!!
Figurative Language
  • Literal: exact meaning of a word
  • Figurative: non-literal meaning (has to be interpreted)
  • Figurative language: using words and phrases in an unusual way when they don't mean exactly what they say. Authors use figurative language to give their writing more color and power.
  • Example of figurative language: similes and metaphors
  • Authors may use these! Do you know what they are?
For question 38, use a line from the poem, not a sentence. State the line, effect, and then explain why.
Being Wednesday, for grammar we worked on clauses and sentence types. The first sentence contained a single independent clause therefore making it a simple sentence. The second sentence had an independent clause and a dependent clause which means it is a complex sentence.
Unfortunately there was not a lot of time for fishbowl, but one of the main topics discussed in the short time was the future of the generation that 9/11 didn't truly affect.
Homework: brainstorm essay, CSAP packet, bring letter writing materials for tomorrow

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