Thursday, February 2, 2012

Smith 3 Scribe 2/2

Everyone walked into to class dreaming of a snow day tomorrow...we will see. The greeting engraved in our brains was said and we started of the class with grammar. Today was capitalization, punctuation, and diagramming. TOMORROW IS OUR GRAMMAR TEST!!!!!! 
We then pulled ourselves away from the technology world and began the first day of our letter writing challenge. After ten minutes of writing we turned our letters into Mrs. Smith to mail, and if we were not finished then we could mail it at home.
The rest of the class was spent discussing our abnormal essay (it is online!!!). We first reviewed the rubric (all of it is worth 225 points) and then Mrs. Smith went over the details and formation of the essay. The attention grabber and background info part of the introduction do not have to be just words. They can be a video or some type of link. Then you have to answer 3 questions in the thesis: what has society learned from the texts, what hasn't society learned from society, and where is society going? It is required that you have a separate body paragraph for each question. The first 2 need 4 quotes (advanced) from Little Brother and 1984, but you could also include a modern example. The last body paragraph allows a lot more freedom with what your support is. It could be a video, an interview, a link, a picture, etc. The conclusion is similar to the introduction. You need to take a position and prove it. Don''t forget the citations!!! This whole essay a website so you can divide it up however you want. It is all up to you! Here are some ideas for what we have learned and what we haven't learned.
Technology can have + or - effects (make sure you take a side)
Overly powerful government=threat to freedom
Technology meant for good but abused
Be wary of conformity
Value of Freedom
Value of Safety
Power in numbers
Gov. disregard for privacy
Not learned: 
Safety vs. Privacy
Not smarter than technology
Living in fear- gives people and gov. more power
Truth vs. Government ‘truth’
Trust (who to trust)
Cost of safety/freedom
Slippery Slope of Power
Homework: CSAP packet, thesis statement and outline of paper
Have a great night!!!!  

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