Thursday, February 2, 2012

Scribe for Wednesday, Feb. 1

Hello class! Today started off with the usual greeting of “ Hello Smith!” Today we discussed many things including our essay, which we start writing tomorrow. We will be required to answer the questions, of what have we learned, what we haven't learned, and where are we going? It will be a wikified research paper, which means that we will be allowed to include all kind of different media into our projects! This could include videos, pictures, and any other kind of multimedia! we then went over some poetry devices, specifically figurative language! we went over flashback, foreshadowing, mood, tone, symbolism, personification, and hyperbole! After that we went over our daily grammar! The first sentence of “carla looked at herself in the mirror and recited the poem fire and ice” was made up of one independent clause, making it a simple sentence. The second sentence of “we saw a midsummer nights dream at the buell theater after we saw the play at ahs” was made up of one independent clause and on dependent clause. This would make this sentence a complex sentence. We then had a fishbowl over chapters 18 up through the epilogue. Some of the topics we covered were that if the DHS came back, would the people allow them to return to power, or would they be kicked out, because they had already done so much damage to the people?

HOMEWORK: brainstorm some ideas for our essay, bring writing materials for tomorrow’s letter writing, and our CSAP packet.

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