Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Smith's Period 3

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY CLASS!! Love was in the air, and Alison was generous enough to make the whole class Oreo Treats.

Homework: outline and compose conclusion, make edits to intro, 1, 2, 3, wikify paper, bring writing materials for letter. Smith also told the class to work on sentence structures with Papers

We got together into groups of about four people to make it easy for our next activity. Mr. Kuhlman, Mrs. Moritz and Smith, came around and helped us edit our wikified papers.  A really good idea would be to head to writing lab and get as much help with your paper as possible! 

Delaney was kind enough to take these pictures of our class hard at work, so those that were absent can check out what fun we had!

Grammar for Tuesday:

some (of my friends) bought me a ticket (for the concert)
    S      prep phrase       V      io       do        prep phrase


ben [a former student] (at my middle school) earned a prestigious 
  S        app phrase             prep phrase              V              

teaching scholarship

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