Thursday, February 23, 2012

Scribe February 23, Period 3

 Hello Period 3 Class

The agenda for today was the following:
-Adams County observation of our class
-Reminder of LPS dinner on April 14
-Writing conferences (Bring Essay Rubric)
-Grammar quiz tomorrow
-Write Homonym poem

 Overview of class today:
     After we arrived in class, Mrs. Smith surprised us all by telling us that some people from Adams County were coming in during our period to observe our class, and see what we're doing with the technology that is available to us. The class split into 6 different groups to showcase what we've been working on throughout the year. The groups consisted on our most recent Wiki-papers, Loggel, Scribing, Ned Kelly, Poetry, Live Blog/Fishbowl and around 4 to 5 people joined each group to present to the Adams County observers.

   (Example of Photo above, choose something
that would be fun, creative, and easy to write

Homework help:
    While there was a lot of excitement in class today, make sure you do not forget to do your homework! Mrs. Smith kept it simple tonight, make sure you bring in a photo of anything (school appropriate) that could be used for inspiration, and lights a poetic flame. Also, make sure you complete the CSAP packet Limes May Not Be Green by tomorrow, and study and prepare yourself for our grammar quiz tomorrow.

Homework: Bring in a photograph (for poetic inspiration), CSAP packet, Study and prepare for grammar quiz.

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