Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Secret poem

I am going to collect all of your secrets and redistribute them. With another person's secret, write a poem telling the story of that secret as if it were your own and addressing what you think about it. Play with form and structure. Remember, think about word choice and descriptions. Paint a picture in your reader's head.

If you are stuck, you could even look back at the secret as if you were older and wiser.

Good luck and be creative!


  1. Guilty Pleasures

    Footsteps down the stairs
    Eyes peering around the corner
    All clear!

    The television yawns and blinks its bright eyes
    The silent house is filled
    With the many voices of the TV

    Channel up channel down
    Until the screen is filled with
    Dynamic dipping darting dancing
    Dance Moms

  2. The Heart Thief

    Together at last
    Until one day
    After she stole my heart
    But then ripped it away
    My heart in her possession
    In betraying hands
    I love her still
    Yet she loves me not.

  3. A spray bottle
    is my only weapon
    to defend myself
    against the beast.
    My hair stands on end
    just like the beast.
    A stare down.
    I see in its eyes
    the rage.
    One false move
    and my legs will
    be shredded
    by sharp claws.
    The beast senses
    my fear and it prepares
    to attack.
    It pounces.
    I leap onto
    my bed,
    a tall fortress.
    I spray the beast.
    It hisses and dashes
    I only wish
    the beast carried
    my fear of cats
    away with it.

  4. It's music to my ears.


    Beethoven, Bach, perfection.

    Who couldn't love,

    the ones who compose such works of art?

    Classical music.

    It is a way of life.

    It is the way of life.


    It’s music to my ears.

  5. I have a secret
    And I'm ready to tell you
    I can't spell
    Not even my name Lou

    Yes it sounds funny
    Go ahead and laugh
    But next time I see you
    I'll be your boss and a half

    I know I can't spell
    But it doesn't get me down
    Because at the end of the day
    Your the one with a frown

    1. Reeses's Wrath

      Dark, dank... disgusting.
      Mushy muddy goop mixed with amber rust.
      Its poison reaching the depths of society
      Convincing them it is good and wonderful.
      Lying, deceiving... trick or treating.

      Chained under many wraps... for a purpose.
      You were meant to stay.
      But curious Pandora released you from bondage.
      Now in its wake... disaster strikes.

      In every convenience store... you are distributed.
      Your supposed chocolate goodness,
      your thick peanut butter filling.
      Now free to dominate the world of sweets.

      And destroy us all...

  6. Everyone else listens to their rap or their pop rock
    But I love country music
    Jason Aldean, Taylor Swift and Luke Bryan
    KYGO, the CMA’s and Country Music Channel
    The sweet sounds of veterans Tim McGraw or Brad Paisley
    The up and coming new beats of The Band Perry or Scotty McCreery
    The sad ballads or upbeat tempos
    All of it makes me come alive
    No one can wrap their heads around why I like country so much
    Maybe its because I don’t look the part
    But Lady A tickets are my weakness
    And watching Blake Shelton perform at the Grammy’s was a dream
    Country music is not just music, it is my life

  7. My Thoughts

    “Ugh!” School again

    I have only one friend

    I’m lost in life

    It’s such a strife

    I want to crawl into a den

    My life is a blend

    Of a knife

    And strife

    I want to board a train

    To see the end

    I want a change in life

    And to play the fife

  8. Secret: I hate Spaghetti

    I hate Spaghetti,
    Some people don't understand,
    They think it's a silly quirk,
    But my hatred and tragedy go hand in hand,
    When I was just a little younger,
    When I couldn't take a stand,
    Spaghetti was my enemy,
    It was too stringy, too saucy, too bland,
    But I was a poor boy,
    Forced to eat any food my family could land,
    Spaghetti was on my plate too often,
    I wouldn't expect you to understand,
    But to me it was like a prison cell,
    A reminder of how weak and poor I am,
    The noodles were a mockery,
    My life was a sham,
    Every time I ate that spaghetti,
    I was put in my prison cell once again,
    So don't offer me spaghetti,
    Because I want to break free,
    Want to feed my family more then those noodles,
    More than my family fed me.

  9. Scared

    My heart beating faster than
    The speed of light
    I run faster than any Olympic Sprinter
    Back to the light from upstairs.
    Maybe this time
    It will be different.
    I take my little brother with me
    To help me
    However, he isn't exactly the most cooperative
    I turn off the lights
    Just like last time
    But this time I don't run up
    My brother gives me a blank look
    As nothing happens
    I smile as he jogs up the stairs
    Back to the TV
    And I quickly get out of the dark basement.

  10. I peed my pants in 8th grade
    I laughed so hard I cried
    I cried so hard I laughed
    I felt it slowly coming
    I couldn’t stop its presence
    It slowly trickled down my leg
    I knew the smell was spreading
    And so was moisture
    People started to stare
    I wanted to run and hide
    But I was in the middle
    Of history class, learning
    About the revolution
    I knew this was a problem
    I didn’t know the solution
    So I got up out of my seat
    Picked up all of my stuff,
    And left the unwelcoming room
    I peed my pants in 8th grade

  11. I Hate Babies

    Babies, I hate
    All they do is cry, smell, and eat
    I don’t know why people think they are great
    They are not a treat
    Some say it is fate
    I hope I will never meet
    Babies, I hate

    I Hate Babies II

    Babies, I hate
    Happy, sad
    Laughing, crying
    Smelly, sweet
    The most bipolar beings ever invented

  12. I Don’t Believe in Love

    I don’t believe in love!
    I don’t- it’s very true
    And when I think of love,
    I never ever think of you.

    I don’t believe in love!
    It really doesn’t exist
    That warm and caring feeling,
    Never really persists.

    I don’t believe in love!
    It has never really found me
    Never stopped to care,
    That romantic tingly feeling,
    Is never really there.

    But when she walks through that door
    For everyone to see,
    She peers into my heart-
    She looks right into me

    And what she finds in that pit
    Of blackness and disease
    Is that I really care for her,
    And love has finally found me

    I believe in love,
    Like nothing else I feel.
    I believe in that feeling
    Of the romantic loving deal

    No longer does my heart dwell
    In a abyss of darkness and despair,
    But in the glorious light
    Of love- I was walking on air

    I believe in love!
    Yes, it’s really true
    And when I think of love,
    I think of loving you.

  13. I want to go to college in London
    Whether it be Oxford or Cambridge, I do not know
    What I will study, what I will learn, what I will become, Is still a mystery

    I want to go to college in London
    This is my secret wish: to study abroad and learn a new culture
    Who I will meet, who I shall I admire, who I will become, Is an engima

    I want to go to college in London
    To go to the prestigous places, to meet persnickety professors
    What places I will see, what places I shall know, where I will go, Is a conundrum

    I want to go to college in London

  14. Secret: I wish I had a British accent.

    A magical boy who goes to wizard school

    A blue box that travels through time and space

    The mean judge on American Idol

    Double-decker buses all over the place

    Fish and chips

    All so British

    Marked by that signature accent

    Everything sounds better, cleverer

    You know they lived a far away place before they went here

    Interesting, intriguing, attractive


  15. The delicate crystals
    the soft sticky center
    the taste makes my knees week
    i love them all
    red blue

    these eddible creatures leave me
    begging for more

    My secret love-peeps

  16. Spock and Captain Kirk

    The reputation of the USS Enterprise should not come as a surprise
    With Spock, the piece of work, and commanding Captain Kirk
    The ship is bound for greatness, greatness

    They explore the final frontier with no sense of fear
    With a handy crew and the Federation too
    They’ll beat Kahn and anything that goes wrong

    Though many trials they’ll see, friends they will always be

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  18. Crime – Fighting Ninja

    A hero lives among us, here in this room,
    They never seem to show their face until there’s certain doom,
    A ninja fighter saves the world from harm,
    And still comes here to learn about healthcare reform.

    For no one knows the eyes behind the mask
    When danger’s here they come out with a flash
    And when it’s done the hero’s gone again
    Returning to the classroom from pouring rain.

    No matter what the world will never know
    The person who has saved us is unknown
    But whenever there’s a villan here alas,
    We know this ninja will come and kick some –

    This poem has been cut short due to a strict word count limitation

  19. 75
    They sit upon my shelf
    Waiting to be played with
    By little boys
    Little girls
    They have souls
    Underneath their rubber skin

    Floating in the water
    A distraction from the soap
    Running down the clean faces of young ones
    So insignificant
    But yet so important
    A sense of security
    Of laughter
    Of imagination

    My little duckling buddies
    They swarm me during my bath
    Huddle close to keep me company
    I love them
    All 75 of them
    But they still sit on my shelf
    My collection
    Of Rubber Duckies

  20. When I arrive at the airport, hotel or mall
    I feel as If I might begin to bawl
    The moving flight of stairs that lay in front of me
    Moving pedestrians from floor A to floor B
    It seems so easy for people to ride
    However; I just want to run and hide
    My mother forces me onto the stairs
    Like I’m being fed to a ferocious bear
    I am being moved upwards to the sky
    I am about to cry
    Cry out to the devil human beings
    Who invented these atrocious things
    As I step off onto the sold tile.
    My hearts is beating as if a have run a mile
    Time to go home away from these terrors
    Of the escalators

  21. Sleepwalking

    Sometimes I sleep walk,
    As dangerous as that may be,
    Sometimes I sleep talk,
    Conversing with the trees.

    I walk downstairs in the middle of the night,
    Trying to cause loads of fright,
    Sometimes I am discovered,
    Other times I stay under cover.

    I find sleepwalking fun,
    I find that sometimes I run,
    But I must not move to fast,
    Or I’ll end up in a cast.

    Some people sleepwalk every slumber,
    Others sleep like a piece of lumber,
    When I’m sleepwalking I can’t be dumb,
    Or I will end up on the streets like a bum.

  22. For every milk carton we save
    And two long years with glasses of milk
    We are one step closer to our own little cave
    A hideaway from the storm
    Our own personal igloo

    There is a snowy world outside
    Yet for two years we collected those milk cartons
    Each family member in for the ride
    A sheltered place we created
    An igloo that won’t be ignored

    Who else can say that they built an igloo from saved up milk cartons?

  23. The Secret (A Limerick Poem)

    There was once someone with a secret,
    And no longer could they bear to keep it,
    So here it is plain and clear,
    For everyone to hear,
    And they tell it to you with no regret!

    They strongly dislike french-fries,
    In fact, this food they despise!
    Yes here it is plain and clear,
    For everyone to hear,
    This food they’d rather chastise!

  24. The Outback
    [Read in Australian Accent]
    Every since I was a wee bit old
    I have wanted to get away from the Colorado cold
    I wanted to be somewhere sunny and calm
    Somewhere where I do not need to use lip balm

    I traveled the entire world
    Looking for a place that I could call home
    I wanted to go somewhere cool
    Somewhere with a big swimming pool

    Australia is where I want to visit
    Down in the outback, the food is exquisite
    I hear of animals jumping on two leg
    For a visit I will certainly have to beg

    Nothing can come between me and this island
    Not even a country such as Thailand
    In my head this dream lay
    I will visit Australia one day

  25. I can’t believe what I’m about to say
    It’s been a well kept secret until this day
    It is not bad
    Actually it’s a popular fad.
    I know in my heart that it’s ok,
    Yet now I don’t know what to say.
    I’m afraid of the shame
    And I’m afraid of the blame,
    But most of all I’m afraid of her fame.
    Everyone knows her,
    Of that I can be sure,
    Her voice is such an enchanting purr.
    So now I must confess,
    It’s really for the best.
    I can’t stand being a fraud.
    She really is a god.
    I have Adele on my IPod.

  26. Some people outgrow Spongebob Squarepants,
    And other such “little kid” shows,
    But I know the channel I’ll never give up,
    With Hannah Montana and more.

    Some kids go on to watch CSI,
    But Phineas and Ferb’ll never leave,
    ‘Cause I’ll watch Disney ‘till the day that I die,
    Keep Fox News away, if you please.

    Kim Possible taught me to always be brave,
    Lilo and Stitch taught me love,
    Jake Long taught me how to be different,
    And Suite Life showed me to have fun.

    They say “just watch drama!”,
    Or depressing news networks
    But I say I’ll never convert-
    There’s nothing like it on earth,
    Since the day of my birth,
    Disney is still number one.

  27. I walk around , not sure of what to do
    Nothing anyone tells me can be true
    How hard it is to be myself
    When the world follows like an elf.
    I can’t trust anyone completely.

    I don’t get attached
    Or I might get attacked,
    Always aware of any care
    And hesitate before I share.
    I can’t trust anyone completely.

    I listen close, only to hear two,
    And their subject is guess who,
    I have their spotlight
    Now I know I’m right
    I can’t trust anyone completely.

    When I get home I am relieved,
    I finally know I can’t be perceived.
    I lay down to go to sleep,
    The worries come back, here to creep.
    I can’t trust anyone completely.

  28. Passion

    The feeling in life that lights the way
    The feeling in life that will never fray
    While others find that early in life
    Many have not, it’s not so rife
    In the spring or the fall
    I always run into a wall
    For what to do that perfect day
    When the weather has no dismay
    I try to find something to do
    I try to find something new
    Alas no matter what I find
    To my passion I remain still blind
    With so many things left to do
    To pick one makes me simply feel blue
    Through life this guides day and night
    Like my own pretty sprite
    For when I find this passion true
    There will be no need for something new
    The day I find great life’s passion
    There will be much time for me to ration
    My time remaining to pursue
    So following my passion my life will ensue

  29. The party isn’t over here
    I like to disappear
    My therapist helps me cope
    So I can keep my hope
    And contain my fear

  30. Darkness

    Vast and sweeping as it spans over doorways and vacant staircases
    Enveloping and pitch black, promising the delivery of both dreams and nightmares
    Teasing and elusive with its winding shadows dripping down bare walls
    Peaceful and serene, blanketing the world in a silent slumber
    Secretive and protective, hiding all of those within it among the gloom
    The darkness; both friend and foe to all those who encounter it
    At times charming and picturesque
    Others, terrorizing and cumbersome
    But always unavoidable

  31. Secret- I really want to visit Tibet!

    Tibet is a place of wonder
    Not visiting there is a blunder
    By China is controlled
    Amazing to behold
    It’s majesty I want to plunder.

    I wish to visit Tibet
    The cost I shall not fret
    To wander its streets
    And enjoy its meats
    And watch the stunning sunset

    To Tibet I want to go
    Any activities I will fore-go
    That place of mystical awe
    Only if you follow the law
    Will I go to Tibet? No

  32. We are all people, and deep down we are all similar
    Others have to learn to accept the cultures of our world
    People may be different colors
    Or speak a different language
    There should be no name calling
    Or discrimination
    Racism is not something to be proud of
    Because we are all people
    We need to come together and learn now to be a whole

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  34. Never once have had
    A cavity and
    I really am quite glad
    I brush them
    Day and night
    They look like little gems!
    My dentist was so pleased
    That he bowed
    Down to his knees
    And my mother was so happy
    That she told me
    I looked snappy!
    Cavities are yucky
    And I truly do know
    How dearly lucky
    I am to never have to know!

  35. Where the Heart is:


    To the right the heart monitor stands



    Life, Loss, Luck, Longing

    What will be?

    The life line is the past and present

    Inside the heart

    Just a small

    Faulty gap

    A red splurge of fate

    The fight to live

  36. I wish I was a superhero
    Out and fighting crime
    I haven’t gotten to do that, though
    I think I’m running out of time

    So I search my imagination
    For heroic adventures of my own creation
    And as my thoughts begin to run wild
    My lips curve into a gleeful smile

    I could be a Superman
    Fighting crime throughout the city
    Big and bold and strong and grand
    And saving girls who are pretty

    Or I could be Spiderman
    Shooting webs out of my hand
    Fighting the bad guys till their dead
    In my stylish suit of red

    Or should I be the Incredible Hulk,
    Strong, giant, and green
    A big tough guy, with a lot of bulk
    And I could be a bit mean

    How about Captain America,
    I’d be driving people hysterical
    With my strength and good looks
    This choice sounds pretty good in my book

    These all sound like good choices to me
    I’d be strong, and loved by all
    Oh, which one should I be?
    The decision is driving me up a wall

    Wait, I know which one I’ll be,
    The perfect superhero, and that is me!
    Sure, I can’t shoot webs or fly,
    But I’m a pretty cool guy!

    I can help someone across the street
    Bake my mom a yummy treat
    Help a kid with their homework
    And continue to rid the world of jerks

    Or maybe I’ll just do my norm
    Sitting and watching T.V.
    Lying around in my dorm
    Wondering about which superhero I should be

    Oh, I wish I was a superhero
    Out and fighting crime
    I haven’t gotten to do that, though
    But I still have plenty of time

  37. When I was a little boy, just barely off the floor
    I took a baseball bat for a spin, and smashed it through the door
    As it came back to haunt me, that stupid stupid plan
    A black eye was my pay back, and that’s the day I became a man

    The next day came with it memories, of terror, pain and shame
    For on that day my mother dressed me up, all nice and pretty despite my bruise that was just so lame
    And they called my name, that dreaded day of school, with no cool story to defend my case
    My eye so black and bruised, I thought I would never live it down
    All from a basketball and a baseball bat that I took into my hands, that forever named me a clown

    When the camera flashed and the picture was taken
    My head held low and my pride shaken
    I sighed and new I had messed up for good this time
    For having a black eye was seen as a unforgivable crime

    That black eye was the downfall of that day
    But what else would you expect from a 6 year old boy, who only wanted to play?
    And as I look back to that terrible terrible day, I cant help but smile and proclaim
    I know that every other little boy my age has probably done just the same
    And found himself with a black eye, on that dreaded day of the year
    When school pictures come to haunt you again, and always inflict fear...

  38. I've never had a girlfriend before, it's true

    Although, I guess, I wish it were you

    But our love would never last

    And away from each other, we would be cast

    At this, I truly could not bear

    I would die inside, just a hair

    So I'll keep my feelings inside my heart,

    As my own personal, sacred art

    I've never had a girlfriend before

    Oh how is wish, life could be more...

  39. I Play Guitar

    I love the way
    The sound flows
    As I strum the chords.

    The strings and frets
    Leave little indents.
    The calluses remind me
    Of how far I’ve come.

    When I play
    I can be myself.
    Its a time for me to think
    And ponder what life is
    And could be.

    One day
    I will do something
    With my talent.

    I will show those
    Who had once doubted me
    How great I really am.

  40. It is a secret
    That much is clear
    Not even my pet
    Has heard of this here

    I’ve played it for years
    Yet my family doesn’t know
    Not even some beers
    Will spill what I know

    Seven years I have played it
    I enjoy it every time
    I know no limit
    It is simply sublime

    Now you are probably guessing
    What is it I play
    So keep on guessing
    You will find out some day

    I‘ll give you some clues
    They will help you a lot
    They use it in blues
    And it’s been around since Camelot

    You are getting closer
    But are you right
    Don’t give up and be a loser
    Just think about it tonight

    Now that you’ve thought about it
    Do you know what it is?
    If you thought you could hit it
    Then you’re not a whiz

    One more clue I’ll give you
    One more hint you’ll get
    Just put a strap around you
    And place your finger on that fret

    If that didn’t give it away
    I don’t know what will
    So guess away
    Come up with what you will

    I guess I will tell you
    It’s not a cigar
    I see you’ve had a breakthrough
    That’s right! It’s a guitar!

  41. My love for Justin Bieber:

    I look at them with envious eyes,
    Those girls who profess their love.
    To the most glorious hottie of guys
    Anyone has ever heard of.

    He is the whole package deal.
    This boy can sing, dance, and look great.
    Justin Bieber is whom must steal,
    My heart and catch it fast like fish bait.

    I cannot love him with an open eager heart,
    For my friends will ridicule and mock,
    But I will always worship him for the most part
    If it wasn't for the gorgeous Selena Gomez he gawks.

    This is my secret that has kept me in isolation,
    If only I could share how
    Justin is my life and adoration.
    One day I will spill my secret I vow.
    But for now, it remains quiet.

  42. I like you
    But I can’t seem to
    Find a way to see
    If you feel the same way with me

    You’re on my mind day after day
    I plan out what I’ll wear and say
    You have no idea; you have no clue
    Just how much I think of you

    I’d write a note, but don’t know what to say
    Don’t know how to approach in such a way
    I don’t want to wait until you’re gone
    So maybe I’ll ask you…later on

  43. Some wish for an actor,
    Strong jaw, perfect hair,
    Crooked smile without care.

    Others want soccer players,
    Chiseled legs, tan arms,
    Tousled hair that charms.

    Musicians are the choice of some,
    A beautiful voice, guitar skills,
    not to mention eyes that kill.

    But I won’t settle for those,
    I want a man with something more,
    And I will wait until he knocks on my door.

    A boy who can dance,
    He’s the only one for me,
    A boy who brings a guarantee

    Of strong arms and legs,
    But gracefulness as well,
    Look at me, you never could tell...

    I think male ballet dancers are hot.

  44. Muse Detained
    Living a life so inspired, so right
    feeling the freedom, the power, the might.
    To live and express it, to love every sound;
    When the lights finally hit and the sound starts to flow,
    every moment is magic, it floats and it glows.
    But as the beauty progresses my faith slips away,
    I am left feeling lonesome and scared on the stage.
    Is it a wonder that I ever grew
    in the presence of greatness while my fear sparked anew?
    To wish that the butterflies just flew away,
    to leave me to be on the beautiful stage.
    Let the fright go away, just leave me alone,
    to let my heart soar and make it my own.

  45. Secret- I cannot stand a sticky feeling on my hands

    There is a secret that I must tell,
    Of my detest for that sticky feeling,
    It does not make me feel well,
    To me, it’s not very appealing.
    I feel the need to wash my hands,
    Every time my hands feel sticky,
    So it will not expand,
    I find it quite tricky.

  46. My teacher said, “We evolved from primates”

    Isn’t that another word for apes

    I took another look at her to check if she was serious

    She looked at me as if I was delirious

    I shook my head no, no, no this cannot be

    I share no relationship with that thing that eats bananas from a tree

    This has to be a joke this makes no sense to me

    There is no way we evolved from a monkey

    Show me some evidence show me a tape

    There is no way I evolved from something as filthy as an ape

    I went home to research this theory to see if it was true

    The more I read the more my face turned blue

    There were so many pictures and credible facts

    I inhaled deeply I thought I was having a panic attack

    I thought I thought this cannot be

    What mad man thought about this ridiculous theory

    This is a bigger problem than air pollution or the signing of the constitution

    I’ll tell you this much I do not believe in human evolution

  47. Secret: I put the milk in before the cereal.

    Pouring milk in to the bowl

    What does this say about my soul

    The milk goes in first

    Then the cereal

  48. Surgery

    Doctors and machines all around-
    Cutting and stitching,
    Repairing and healing,
    Helping people see another day
    Many words that cannot be pronounced
    A blurring of lines,
    A traumatic experience,
    Times two.
    Is what I’ve gone through

  49. Suicide, a tough subject to talk about, yes- but necessary

    It’s lethal being one of the top five killers of teens

    Teen years are difficult, but one must remember that every moment is a new


    Carpe Diem, seizing the day is a beacon of hope for many

    Art, music, and sports oftentimes are prime avenues of survival, and many times


    I think everyone has at some point in their lives had an experience with suicide, whether

    it’s them or someone close.

    Whether it turned out good or bad, there’s always a learning experience left behind

    Having your best friend attempt it right before your eyes is a great shock, but so is

    finding out someone you love so much wanted to. The best medicine for those who tried

    to terminate, as well as those close to them, is love.

    There is not enough abundance of love in this world, when that terrible day comes

    where someone you love more -than-they-will-ever-know tries to slip away from you;

    they need to know that someone is there for them.

    They are not alone, no matter what. They need to not be judged, but understood and

    shown an opening to create a renewed life for themselves. I have always disliked the

    way people try to characterize suicidal individuals.

    The reason for this being that there is no general characterization, everyone is different.

    Even more surprising is when you meet someone, and they seem so happy, yet it’s the

    exact opposite.

    No one will ever truly know what they went through. Even just a friend who loves them

    greatly can be their line of survival. Love spreads quickly too, not only within one friend

    for the other, but also when other people as well meet the previously and sometimes

    currently still suicidal and grow to love them.

    It’s not an act of pity either, because those friends weren’t even aware and won’t care,

    if they are true friends when they find out. Suicide, the way I see it, is tough but an

    obstacle and opportunity in life.

  50. Secret: I plan on moving very far away.

    Someday I'll see the world in a completely different light.

    Someday I'll meet someone who makes the stars shine infinitely bright.

    Someday all colors will be deeper, and days will be warm;

    Everything will be more beautiful than before.

    Someday I'll leave this place for one full of adventure.

    I'll live on the beach, any beach, and find comfort in the permanent nature.

    The sound of waves while sand engulfs my feet,

    My whole life I've lived in a place people could only dream.

    All rolling green hills, and air clean and crisp,

    Deer grazed flowers and streams the sun has kissed.

    Someday I'll leave it all to lose myself in the flow of the tide.

    For, from hope of coming adventure, I cannot hide.

    Someday I'll find some place that makes me immensely happy for no reason at all,

    Even when life seems like a never-ending hall.

    So, when opportunities arise that lure my future into sight,

    This is proof that I will follow them

    And see the world in a completely different light.