Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Scribe for Wednesday, 15 of February

“Hello class!”
“Hello Smith!”

Today started with the usual grammar, but today we did both Wednesday's and Thursday's work, seeing that we have Friday off. Smith then helped us with how to answer long questions, which can be seen here and here. We then got the rest of the class time to Wikify our paper, which is due on Tuesday. She also explained some of the things that worried her as he was reading through our papers yesterday. Which includes persona pronouns, incorrect citations, and passive instead of active voice. The complete list can be seen here. We also began signing up for 1 on 1 grading conferences for our paper. WE also have our grammar test tomorrow, along with CSAP and grammar worksheet being due, so make sure to study!

HOMEWORK: outline and compose conclusion, make edits to intro, bodys 1, 2, 3, wikify paper, CSAP and grammar quiz and worksheet

Some  I  bought  I ticket
                           \               \          \
                            \of            \          \for        
                             \ friends    \me     \concert
                                 \                         \
                                  \my                    \
                             independent clause, simple sentence

Ben               (student)  I   earned        I   scholarship       
                     \    \              \at                                                   \       \                   \
                                      \ a  \ former    \school                                           \a     \prestigious    \teaching
                                                              \       \                                          \        \                   \(gerund)
                                                               \my    \middle                               

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