Monday, February 6, 2012

Period 5 Scribe 2/6/12

Today we all greeted Smith with a hardy hello and got strait to work.
First off, we discussed our homework which consists of:

  • research
  • set up Google Sites
  • thesis printed out for tomorrow 
  • CSAP- Safari (do not do questions 50 and 51
  • outline filled put for paper. You can find the link to the outline on the powerpoint agenda for today. 
  • and finally letter writing material for tomorrow 
We then talked about the due dates for our paper. 
Due Dates
Tomorrow Feb. 7th: Thesis
Wednesday Feb. 8th: Intro Paragraph
Thursday Feb. 9th: First Body Paragraph
Friday Feb. 10th: Second Body Paragraph 
Monday Feb. 12th: Third Body Paragraph
Tuesday Feb. 13th: Conclusion 
The final paper is due on February 21st. *If you would like to examples of wikified research papers from previous years go onto Smith's website. 

Next we proceeded onto our grammar quiz...!
After our grammar quiz we got our new sentences for the week. Here are the sentences with the parts of speech...                              poss
   adv  av    adj               n     prep prn      n               adv        prn  hv/adv      lv       adv     adj 
there are pretty flowers in your garden however they don't smell very good 

prep                   N              prn         av       prep  art       adj       n 
on  february 11 2011 i auditioned for the school play 

Next we looked out google sites and played around on it for a few minutes. To make a google site, go to google sites, create, put in your first name, last initial and year you will graduate as the name, pick a template and create! 
  • Do not type paper on google sites!
  • There are more templates available if you use your own personal email instead of your lps account. 
  • If you are going to put another page on your website out the page under the home page.
Here are a couple tips when editing on google sites...
control z : undo
control x : cut
control c : copy 
control v : paste 
*If you have a apple computer hit command instead of control. 

Just a reminder that tomorrow is a writing day so come prepared!! 

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