Monday, February 27, 2012

Period 5 Scribe for Monday, February 27, 2012

What a way to start another short week!

As class began, everyone was in their seats, itching to get class on its way. After all, there was food in the back, drawing everyone's attention towards it. But, before we could get to the tasty snacks, we had to get through the daily grammar piece.

As on every Monday, the DOL was parts of speech. Here are the two sentences:
The new element we learned today was the infinitive, and there is an informational slide on the right.

After the daily grammar, we proceeded to what we had all been waiting for, the "share and eat" session! First, we all got up to get some of the delicious goodies that everyone had brought to indulge on. Once back at our desks, we went up one by one and shared the poem of our choice, which we had posted on the blog.

When the bell rang at 1:12, we were all in a good mood. Nothing like food and a poem to raise your spirits!

  • NONE!!!
Practice your theatrics, we will begin acting out Romeo and Juliet tomorrow!

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