Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Period 5 2/1/2012

            Happy PLC! The class kicked off with the ordinary “Hello everyone!” “Hello Smith” with Nick saying his usual “What’s poppin’?” Then we cleared up the C11 hallway because someone took down all the locker tags and Smith wanted us to be good Warriors. We discussed homework and asked questions about the wikified research papers. Smith reminded us that we wouldn’t be using Wikispaces, because Google sites are the real deal. iWeb is another alternative solution for Mac people, but it is being discontinued later this year. Then started grammar.
            We identified sentence types and clauses. Sentence one was a simple sentence and the 2nd sentence began with an independent clause and ended with a dependent clause, making it a complex sentence. Then we did CSAP.
            On 38, write the line then say “This quote affects the reader because.” Smith is very serious about getting a why response. Then we fishbowled. (

HW: CSAP Packet

Letter writing material

Prepare to work on paper for 1984/LB and such
As a society what have we/ haven’t we learned?
In the story, what have/haven’t the characters learned?
Where are we going as a society?
Grammar photos are attached

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