Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 29 Period 3

We began our leap day with the standard "Hello, class" and "Hello, Smith" ritual. Then we did grammar for Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
_____________________   ___________________________________
|              ind cl                   | |                     ind cl                                         |    compound sentence
We wanted to play soccer; however, our friends wanted to listen to music.

|                             ind cl                                     |               simple sentence
Both Anne and I remembered the school's address.

Next, the class wrote letters to our parents and Smith for conferences tomorrow. We were asked to assess the growth and learning we've completed this year, as well as talk about hopes and goals for the rest of second semester. But in regards to conferences, everyone remember the Smith's line will be very long, so there is no need for your parents to wait to see her unless they have any concerns. 

Finally, we watched clips from two different versions of Romeo and Juliet, one a more traditional style and the other more modern.

HW: Remember your grading conferences with Smith, grammar quiz tomorrow

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