Thursday, February 9, 2012

Smith 3 Scribe 2/9

Tomorrow's Friday! Hurray!!!! But first...we have to get through Thursday. As planned, today in class was a total work day for our wiki essays. Mrs. Smith was available for help, plus today is Writing Lab. The video yesterday was working so we watched it today and questioned whether or not a world of glass was in the future. Bekah went over how to customize the background of your webpage.
  1. Create a power point slide with pictures of your choice.
  2. Save the slide as a jpeg.
  3. Go to manage my site.
  4. Go to colors and fonts
  5. Choose background image
  6. Choose custom
  7. Add the file
Homework: CSAP packet, grammar quiz tomorrow, work on essay (2nd body)
Next Tuesday: Mrs. Smith is having 3 English teachers come in to help us so bring specific questions for them.

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