Tuesday, February 28, 2012

February 28, 2012

Homework: None, other than letter supplies for tomorrow.
After a slightly monotone "Hello Smith," class began with grammar (Tuesday is sentence parts).

we wanted (to play soccer) however our friends wanted (to listen to music)
 S1    v1         DO/inf  prase                            S2          V2         DO/inf phrase

both anne and I remembered the schools address
          S1           S2       V                                 DO

We then took a "very personal, very open" love quiz. Smith showed questions on the board and we went to either the "agree" or "disagree" side of the room (no middle ground allowed!). Then we discussed why we agreed or disagreed with the statement. We were supposed to check in our Little Brother and 1984 books, but Smith forgot, so bring them tomorrow! Also, letter writing and Romeo and Juliet tomorrow!

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