Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Feb, 28, 2012

February 28, 2012
Period 3
 H.W. Bring letter writing materials today! 
Here are the sentences for the week!

Prn       av             l   inf      l   n        adv           poss prn    n             av            l   inf    l  prep   n/op
we wanted (to play soccer) however our    friends wanted (to listen to music)
S1        v1                 do   inf  prase                                      S2                 V2        do inf phrase

Corr conj     N        corr con j   n              av         art        poss n         n  
both     anne    and       I  remembered the school address
              S1               S2          V                      do

All we did was out wonderful DOL and the whole class took the LOVE QUIZ. We went to a side of the room depending if we agreed or disagreed. Then each side discussed why they choose that side. 
NOTE: Every one in Smith's period 3 English class will be testing with her for TCAP (CSAP) in room C1. 
We will begin Romeo and Juliet tomorrow!
Romeo and Juliet Poster

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