Monday, April 2, 2012

Monday, April 2, Period 5

As you can probably guess, 5th period English today began as always with the “Hello Smith”. The first announcement made by Smith displayed the urgency to prepare for the guests we are expecting tomorrow. (Or otherwise known as “The Canadians”) Although the exact number of visitors has yet to be confirmed, it is very important for our class to be extremely OVER prepared. 

The Canadians:
The Canadians will only be checking out our class, so therefore we represent all of Arapahoe High School! Each group has their own topic to share to the visitors, and it is VITAL that everyone is completely prepared for tomorrow with nothing left to complete in class. You must bring any necessary materials for your presentation. (Ex. Headphones for any videos, flash drives, account information, ect.) It is important to make your presentation interesting and to be completely honest to any questions you are faced with. Even if you strongly disliked a project and The Canadians ask you how it was, be honest and respond with, “It was a complete waste of time.” Or "It was the absolute worst time period of my life."(Hopefully that isn't the case though) Finally, to portray our undeniable school spirit to these foreigners, everyone is HIGHLY encouraged to wear Warrior shirts and school colors to the class. 

When we finally finished stressing the importance of this Canadian visit, we started actually working on the presentations for tomorrow. After a few minutes of preparation for tomorrow, we transitioned into our Romeo and Juliet groups. We worked on our Romeo and Juliet finals for the remainder of the period.

Homework: PREPARE FOR THE CANADIANS, Wikified Research paper redoes due by Friday, Try to obtain a copy of Daniel Pink's A Whole New Mind, Romeo and Juliet final performances Friday: so start memorizing those lines!

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