Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Scribe 5th Hour on Tuesday April 24

Happy Tuesday! Hope you guys enjoyed sleeping in! The fast 23 minute period day began with the usual greeting of, "Hello everybody!" with a reply of, "Hello Smith!" Since today was ACT Testing for all Juniors, school did not start until 11:30 making each class period only 23 minutes long. We still managed to have a very productive day with Ms. Smith though because two sophomores from last year came in to talk about their experiences with TED Talks. Even though they were going to come in tomorrow (Wednesday), Freshmen Registration Advice for us is tomorrow so they came today! The main advice they gave everybody was,

  • Be confident and passionate about our topic.
  • Dress appropriately to what fits your topic (Example- If your talking about fitness it is okay to come in yoga pants, but if your talking about the homeless do not come in with a diamond or glitzy dress).
  • Connect to the audience by asking them questions as well as making eye contact.
  • You CAN have a note card so try righting your whole speech first and then put down on the note card your main points.
  • Practice, practice, practice!
  • Do not say you will never find a topic because no matter what there is always something you believe in.
  • Be open withe audience!
Sooner then we thought possible the bell rang and it was time to go!

  • Read Symphony by Thursday
  • Example of Symphony due Friday
  • Blog 5 moved to be due Thursday (Remember this video is your choice)
Have a great Tuesday night!

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