Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday Scribing Fun!

The usual chant of “Hello Everyone” was quickly followed by “Hello Smith”. Continuing on to what our homework is…

1) What’s your sentence? Due Monday 4/16

2) Mr. Fisch questions ready for when he comes tomorrow (Wednesday)

3) The Naviance quiz for Thursday

4) Read Design from a Whole New Mind due 4/18

Then we got a new seating chart! The last one for this year… weird!

Talked about the TED talk we watched the other day and some of the strategies she used.

1) She was positive and lively when she talked (upbeat)

2) Was interactive with the audience: told jokes and “three things that everyone knows” short thinking task with small visuals.

3) Opened with a poem and you didn’t know till later, caught you off guard and was able to flow into her speech seamlessly.

4) She was so passionate, very expressive and personal.

5) She let the audience interpret her words.

You will want to write your speech like an essay: Attention getter, background info, thesis, three points, and a solid, wrap up conclusion. She made a full circle with her words. “What is going to make the biggest impact right away” –Smith

We moved on to Fishbowling Non-fiction and how to do that.

1) Important to use text to text and text to world and text to self. Make CONNECTIONS!!

2) Always refer back to your book while in fishbowl. “Let’s all go to page…”

3) Watch the news for once. Own your learning! Bring outside learning sources to contribute.

Quickly breaking into inner and outer circle for fishbowl, we got started! Had a really great conversation online and in the inner circle. You can go to Smith's blog and see the live blogging. Hope you have a great day and see you tomorrow!
"Warriors always take care of each other."

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