Friday, April 13, 2012

Period 5 Scribe, April 14

Happy Friday! Today started out like normal by going over homework. There are quite a few things to do over the weekend, starting with "What's Your Sentence?"which is due Monday. By Wednesday, everybody needs to have read the Design section of AWNM. Mrs. Smith wants us to bring in questions as well as an example of design (like a picture). We also need to read the " The Puzzling Puzzles of Harry Harlow and Edward Deci" and complete a blog post after watching Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk. 

We then discussed the expectations for our blog posts. The basic requirements are to be respectful and thoughtful, discuss the speakers effectiveness and purpose and to talk about the main idea. It also needs to discuss the use of examples and expanding on the ideas. We looked back at Sarah Kay's speech for an example. If you were to write about her Ted talk, you could talk about things like her enthusiasm or her organization. 

 Afterwords we watched Sir Ken Robinson's Ted Talk and took notes. We were then given the rest of the time to work on reading or our blog posts.

Have a great weekend!

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  1. It's actually April 13th, not 14th! Oops!