Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tuesday April 10 SCRIBE

Homework: Karl Fisch discussion questions, read "Design" chapter in AWNM (due April 18th), whats your sentence? brain tests (linked on the agenda) and the naviance personality tests!

After going over the homework for tonight, we dove straight into the remaining Romeo and Juliet scenes. First up were Hunter(Friar Lawrence) Jeremy(Romeo) and Cole(Juliet). Great job guys!

Next, Zoe, Emily H, Ellen, Sarah and Mackenzie came in dresses in 80s style workout clothes. Hilarious and well done!!!

Moving quickly to AWNM, Smith asked us what we noticed while watching the "If I had a daughter" TED Talk. The thoughts shared were:
-get personally invested
-feel the passion for the topic
-be organized, systematic and build upon ideas
-great speeches come from incredible writing
Take you time with evolving your speech- Smith will gladly help you in any she can.

As a way to start formatting the beginning of your speech, think about creating an "Intro Paragraph."
Grabber could be pictures, video... a song! Also remember that what you say first, people pay the most attention to.

We ended class with a great fishbowl discussion (check out the lower part of the blog for the cover-it-live)!
Have a nice night!

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