Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Smith 5 April 4

Due to the late start today the atmosphere of period 5 was refreshed with sleep and ready to go when Ms. Smith greeted us with the usual greeting of, "Hello Everybody!" We then got right down to business talking about the Romeo and Juliet performances. The class unanimously decided to move the due date of the performances to Monday but Ms. Smith said they must be to perfection so be ready! By tomorrow, you must have your costume with a description of why you chose your costume, your set with a description of each item in the set, your lines paraphrased on a script, your stage description and action lines on another script, and if you cut out any lines you must have a description of why you did this. Also make sure your working on your Promptbook!

At this point a mental breakdown throughout the class was about to occur but we moved straight on to talking about the upcoming Ted Talks. Ms. Smith told us that a few sophomores will be coming in to talk to us about the Ted Talks, their thoughts, and any advice they have for us. The dates they are probably going to come in are April 22 and 23 but this is not confirmed yet. Ms. Smith also mentioned that links to Ted Talks from last year will be available soon!

We then talked about yesterday and how the presentation to the visitors from Toronto went. Ms. Smith said we did an amazing job and to "give yourself a pat on the back". The Toronto visitors as well said we did a great job! Nice job guys! On April 11th and 12th Mr. Fisch will be coming into our class to hear more things on what we want to change about the technology of Arapahoe so be brainstorming ideas until then!

After the announcements were delivered, the rest of the class period was dedicated to working on the Romeo and Juliet performances.
Sooner then expected the bell rang and it was time to go.
-Work on Romeo and Juliet performances with scripts, costume, and set
-On May 1st your topic of what your going to talk about with the Ted Talk speeches is due.
-Little Brother and 1984 paper redoes due by Friday of this week!
-Check out a copy of A Whole New Mind by Friday

-Your group Promptbook is due Monday!
Have a great Wednesday night!!!

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