Friday, April 6, 2012

4-5-12 Period 5

Because today was the final work day for our Romeo and Juliet Final Projects, Smith went around the room to ask how people felt about their group's progression. After hearing from everyone, the due date was changed from Friday the Sixth to Monday the Ninth. Be sure to work hard over the weekend as she expects even more from us now!

Smith also informed us that she cannot take any more appointments for paper redo conferences as they are tomorrow. In addition, she asked that we take the time to think of and review questions to ask Mr. Fisch when we continue our conversation on district technology with him next week. Remember, we begin discussing TED Talks and A Whole New Mind tomorrow, so all work on the Romeo and Juliet project needs to be done from home here on out!

HW: Paper redos are due tomorrow, get a copy of A Whole New Mind, Romeo and Juliet Final Project

(I'm sorry this is late, guys!)

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