Friday, April 27, 2012

Scribe 4/27/12 Period 5

Well, It's Friday, so everyone was really happy to say "Hello Smith"! Sort of (cause it was creeping closer and closer to the assembly).

Since we had an assembly today, classes were shorter, so we got right to work.

We started off the class by going over all of the homework due on Monday, but I will mention that later at the end of my scribe.

Then, the class watched a video which is an example of a Pecha Kucha, with Daniel Pink. Here is the link. A summary of the video is that people all the time use empathy on signs on the sides of streets and in parks to make people obey them in a secret way.

After talking about the video, everyone in the class shared their examples of symphony. Here are a few of the things people brought in:

  • a rubik's cube
  • Where's Waldo book
  • pictures of images with negative space in them   
  • peanut butter and jelly
  • chocolate cake recipe
  • puzzles
  • and Shel Silverstein poems
Then, the class turned to pages 177 and 178 in A Whole New Mind and took the two quizzes: Empathy Quotient, and Spot the Fake Smile.

Finally, our Homework:

  • Post a question for Daniel Pink's Skype on the class blog as a comment on Mrs. Smith's post.
  • Blog #7 on your own TED Talk video is due Monday
  • Read Empathy and Play in AWNM by May 7th

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