Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 4, 2012

"Hello Class!" "Hello Smith!"

In order to introduce the final project (TED talk), on April 25th, 2-3 students will be coming in to help us get ideas and show examples. In addition, we will be watching TED talks online in class throughout the week.

Mr. Fisch would like to come in to talk with us about technology since he was impressed with the participation and knowledge he observed while the visitors from Toronto were here. Since we're busy with our RnJ finals this week, he will probably come in sometime next week. GOOD JOB!!

After discussing the upcoming weeks, we worked on our RnJ projects for the remainder of the period.

Hope you had a relaxing PLC Day!!

~Memorize lines for the RnJ project
~Buy a copy of A Whole New Mind
          -or you can borrow a copy from Smith
~Wiki Paper Redo

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