Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 12 Period 3

Today was a very exciting and informative day in Third Hour Honors English. It started out like any other day first with the announcements, and then with the usual greeting. Then Smith gave the floor to Mrs. Brock who came in to discuss our personality type tests that we took on Naviance. She explained first what Extraversion and Introversion meant, then moved on to Sensing and iNtuition, Thinking and Feeling, and finally Judging and Perceiving.

  • Extraverts gain energy from outside themselves, whereas Intoverts gain energy from within themselves. More on extraversion versus introversion.
  • Sensing involves the use of and focus on one's five senses, and iNtuition focuses more on impressions, meanings and patterns. More on sensing versus intuition
  • Thinking people use principles or truths to make decisions, and Feeling people pay more attention to how decisions will affect those involved. More on thinking versus feeling.
  • Judging people use their decision making tendencies (Thinking or Feeling) in everyday life, as compared to Perceiving people use their observation tendencies (Sensing or Intuition) in everyday life. More on judging versus perceiving.
The wonderful information that Mrs. Brock gave us today helped us to determine whether our tests were valid or not. Many in class (like myself), felt their tests were spot on. However, others were still undecided about where they stood.

Homework: "What's Your Sentence?" due by Monday; Read all of Design by Wednesday for the Fishbowl

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