Sunday, April 22, 2012

Scribe April 20 Period 5

The class, as always started off with a "hello Smith", but today, it was somewhat dismal because it's Friday. What else can you expect from students on a Friday?

Then immediately we went around the room and shared our examples of a story. Some were creative, some were odd, and others were original. Here are what kids brought in:

    Chipotle cups and bags        
    German Stollen
    Campbell's Soup
    cooking magazines
    Tom's shoes
    cave drawings
    body lotion
    Old Spice deodorant
    birthday cards
    granola bars
                     Coca Cola stories
                     Van's shoes
                     Ranch dressing powder
                       Mr. Booth's story
                       Clif Bars
                     music books
                     Dr. Drey Headphones

    Before we did anything, Mrs. Smith had everyone google a man named Clay Shirky. We found that he is a good friend with Cory Doctrow, he has a blog, and that he is focused on how the internet is a social and economic force that people need to use to make a difference and change the world.

    Then we watched his TED Talk.
    Like we did in class you might need to watch it twice.

    1. The Blog for Clay Shirky's TED Talk is due Monday with all of the regular requirements.
    2. Read "Story" in AWNM by Monday and be prepared for fishbowl on Monday, too.
    3. Read "Seven Reasons Why Carrots and Sticks (Often) Don't Work" by Monday. (Annotation is optional)

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