Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Scribe 5th hour Wednesday April 11, 2012

Today we had an interesting day with Mr. Fisch leading an open discussion. We had an engaging conversation around technology, especially the topics of eee’s vs. laptops and bringing your own laptops. Personally, I’m waiting for the Google Glasses. Most of us felt that eee’s are inconvenient, small, and hard to use. As far as bringing your own laptops, many of us do not feel comfortable with our personal laptops being brought to school.

Also, we discussed our thoughts of the first section of A Whole New Mind. Some students shared that they found it rather tedious. Ms. Smith pointed out that what we found repetitive is actually an effective way of speaking that could convince people of a point. This is something to consider while working on our TED talks.


Read A Whole New Mind Design- due Wednesday

What’s your Sentence- due Monday

Personality Test- due tomorrow

Have a great night :D.

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